How to Get Rid of Mascara Smudges Without Ruining Your Eye Makeup


You’ve painstakingly primed, contoured, and colored your eyelids. Your winged liner is so beautifully precise that it would make ’60s-era Brigitte Bardot shed a tear. And then, as you move to complete the look with a swipe of your go-to mascara, crap! You manage to nick your lid with your wand, threatening to ruin several minutes of work with one solitary smudge. What to do?

We’ve all been there and can probably recall more than a couple of times that we were late to the office or dinner while trying to clean that mistake up. But what if we told you that this didn’t have to be the case? It turns out there’s a very simple, editor-approved hack for correcting this very common blunder—and it doesn’t involve wiping everything off and start from scratch. Put away the makeup remover and Q-tips, and keep reading to see what it is.