The Busy Girl's Guide to Perfecting Your Day-to-Night Makeup Transition

Getting out the door in the morning is about just that—getting out the door, hopefully on time (and with coffee). Of course, we like to look presentable and put our best face forward, so we stick to our everyday makeup essentials. But once 6 p.m. rolls around and we’re off to dinner with friends or drinks with colleagues, our daytime beauty look doesn’t cut it. A quick stop at the office restroom’s mirror is all we have time for, which means two things are vital: a well-edited travel makeup bag and a go-to day-to-night transition plan (something you can do anywhere without having to think twice). 

Jenny Cipoletti, the on-the-go lifestyle blogger behind Margo & Me, has become quite the expert in making quick beauty changes: “Over the last few years, travel has become a tremendous part of my life. This has made me perfect the art of packing and forced me to get my beauty routine down to a science,” she says. The blogger let us in on that science (spoiler alert: her mascara trick is genius) and showed us which products she relies on every day.

Scroll through to find out how Cipoletti quickly takes her look from day to night with just two products!