This Hack for Clumped Lashes Is a Total Game Changer

Mascara clumps definitely rank high up there with concealer creases and lipstick feathering—all of which are beauty blunders we fall victim to time and time again. Clumps are next to impossible to get rid of once they set in, so we begrudgingly end up just telling people we were purposely going for that spidery look. However, Marie Claire recently blew our minds when it shared an amazing product for de-clumping: crealine. It's a gentle emollient and makeup remover that's about to change the fate of your clumped lashes for good.

Makeup artist Rae Morris says to dip two cotton pads in the liquid (like Bioderma Crealine H2O, $17) and to squeeze the lashes carefully between them. This way, just the excess mascara will come off without affecting the rest of your eye makeup. Morris says this works better than combing through the lashes, as sometimes this can cause them to break. Good to know!

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