The $10 Brow Gel Hollywood's Eyebrow Guru Swears By

If the various parts of your face were characters from the movie Mean Girls, your brows would be Cady Heron—overlooked at first, then usurping the eyes (Regina George) as Queen Bee. To say that brows have come into their own over the past year or two would be an understatement—like saying contouring is just a makeup trend or that Kylie occasionally dabbles in Snapchat. We're constantly on the lookout for products to groom, shape, and fake our brows into the full, lush arches of our dreams, and we pay close attention to the products used by Hollywood's brow-endowed. Enter: Kristie Streicher, brow whisperer and creator of the famous feathered brow technique. Streicher grooms the brows of Hollywood's A-list, from Kiernan Shipka to Adele, and is known for creating full, natural-looking brows on even those who start out with barely anything. Though Streicher has touted many products she swears by for her technique—from a growth serum to brow powder—there's one product in particular she stands by, and it might surprise you.

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