19 Marley Twists Looks for Natural Hair

Long, short, and shoulder-length styles.

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It’s been said before and it’ll be said again—natural hair offers a wide array of versatility that’s hard to beat. You can wear it out with the texture that sprouts from your head, or you can get a protective style done that lets your hair rest while looking effortlessly chic.

Marley twists are one option that offer a similar appearance to locs, but are much easier to install since they only require two strands to wrap around each other, as opposed to one strand being locked down with beeswax. Aside from being a low maintenance and temporary style, these twists get their fluffy character from the required hair extensions that are aptly named after reggae legend Bob Marley, which are close in texture to natural hair. The end result is typically a fun and free hairstyle that is reminiscent of its musical namesake.

If Marley twists have been on your list of protective styles, here are 19 different looks you can look toward for inspiration.

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Braided Marley Twists

Add a little spice to your Marley twists with a braided crown. The length of these twists make them a great low-maintenance 'do.

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Flat Twist Bun

Getting Marley twists done doesn’t mean you have to keep your hair down. Try twisting your strands flat against your scalp and sweeping them back into an elegant bun.

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Unraveled Marley Twists

If your Marley twists are at the end of their life cycle, you can sport a whole new look by unraveling them. The end result? Defined waves with a whole lot of fullness.

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Shoulder Length Twists

Who said Marley twists have to be long? You can still show off your beautiful face with an unfussy shoulder-length style.

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Two-Toned Twists

Alternative naturalistas can show off their style with two-toned Marley twists. Black and purple is one beautiful combination that unites edginess and convenience.

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Long Boho Twists

Marley Twists Long


Marley twists are all about freedom. Show off that spirit with some chunky, long loc twists that are loose in shape.

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Classic Twisted Updo

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics—and that’s apparent with this gorgeous Marley twist updo. Sweep your locks up into a chic French twist and you’ll be ready for nearly any occasion.

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Curly Ends

Since Marley hair comes in a naturally curly texture, it offers a whole lot of body. You can employ this look at the bottom of your twists by leaving these sections a little undone.

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Ultra-Chunky Marley Twists

If you’re a believer that bigger is better, you might want to apply this philosophy to your Marley twists. Just note that although you’ll be making a bold statement, larger twists are harder to maintain and usually don’t have the longevity medium- or small-sized twists do.

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Phony Pony

Marley Twists Drawstring Ponytail


Want to have the experience of Marley twists without the commitment? Opt for a drawstring ponytail that uses Marley hair and twist it yourself for a temporary style. When it’s all ready, secure it around a sleek bun.

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Sleek Topknot

Marley Twists Top Knot


Can’t decide whether you look better with your hair up or down? You can easily create a lusciously twisted topknot and let a few tendrils fall down for a beautifully streamlined 'do.

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Marley Mermaid

Marley Twists Mermaid


Release your inner mermaid with vibrant Marley twists that show you're the queen of the sea. Multicolored thread woven into your twists takes the look up a few notches.

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Beaded Twists

Get in touch with your boho roots with Marley twists adorned with beads. Sticking with a natural color palette like beige, brown, and black is sure to highlight the beauty of your twists.

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Space Buns

Whoever said space buns are for children definitely hasn't seen the style on Marley twists. Simply split your hair in half, create two buns at the top of your head, and secure them with big, clear elastic bands.

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Statement Bun

Take your bun to the next level with chunky Marley twists that’ll create a large and stunning statement. You can also leave a single twist out to frame the face. On fancy nights, accessorize your tendril with gold yarn.

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Caramel Marley Twists

If you’ve ever been told you’re an autumn, then a warm caramel brown should be on your list of hair colors to try. Opting for long strands in this color will give you an ethereal golden glow.

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Purple Majesty

Is purple your favorite color? Show off that love with a monochromatic hairdo that features lavender Marley twists in the front and ultraviolet twists in the back.

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Rapunzel Marley Twists

Marley Twists Rapunzel Winnie Harlow


If you have an affinity for fairytales or just want to feel like a goddess, you should try your hand at Rapunzel-length Marley twists. No fancy charms or dramatic colors are necessary since your hair will do all the talking with this look.

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Yellow Blonde

For naturalistas that want a bold color but don’t want to break the mold completely, opt for a bright, yellow-toned blonde. Keep an eye out for Marley hair in the level nine region to recreate the look.

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