15 Times Marion Cotillard Was Our Hair Muse

actress marion cotillard

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It's no secret that team Byrdie—or anyone really—is obsessed with French beauty, and we're willing to bet all the lipsticks in our beauty closet that one of everyone's favorite French muses is Marion Cotillard. Of the many things we love about the actress (amazing acting skills and being a kick-ass mom to name just a few), we love her experimentation with different hairstyles and adding her own unique twist to them—we know we can always count on her for any hair inspo we may need. Try one or all of these styles for a bit of french flair.

Braids on one side and waves on the other make for very cool hair look we're dying to copy.

Cotillard giving off rocker-chic vibes with a twisted mohawk.

For something a little more '60s-inspired, Cotillard wears her lob with a big curl at the end, and she wore a deep part on her right side for volume up top.

The slicked-back, "I just got out of the shower" trend going strong here with Cotillard on the red carpet.

Cotillard proving that you can never go wrong with an Old Hollywood–glam vibe, she wears her hair parted on the left in a low chignon.

We wouldn't be surprised if Cotillard woke up like this, but she wears her hair down with her front sections curled for a low-maintenance, effortless hairstyle.

For something a little less structured, Cotillard wears an updo with a few strands hanging loosely on her left side.

If you ever debated getting bangs, Cotillard is making a strong case for it here, curling them inward and on the ends to match her wavy lob.

Flipping your hair to one side makes for a dramatic, low side pony to spice up any fancy occasion.

If the perfect mermaid braid ever existed, it's seen here on Cotillard.

We love a good lob with loose waves for minimal effort and beautiful simplicity.

Looking to add a little something extra to a straight bob? Pair it with side bangs like Cotillard here.

Cotillard's pin-straight hair is sleek and clean with bangs pinned back to the side.

A hair net, but make it chic. This hair accessory holds small jewels throughout to elevate a tight ballerina bun.

Who says you can't have short hair? Cotillard sweeps up her hair to the side to give it major volume up top.

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