Mario Dedivanovic's New Collection Gave My Face a "Soft Sculpt" In 5 Minutes Flat

Introducing the modern contour.

makeup line

Makeup by Mario

If anyone knows a good contour, it’s Mario Dedivanovic. The makeup artist arguably popularized the “baked” face phenomena that dominated our Instagram feeds in the mid-2010s. Notably, his decade-long work with Kim Kardashian—where he employed his signature face-sculpting technique—influenced beauty for years to come. He’s started trends, lead beauty innovation (who could forget his now-famous masterclass?), and inspired an entire generation of young artists. Dedivanovic's work undoubtedly changed how we all approached makeup and became the signature of Youtube tutorials and at-home artistry.

But now, the beauty legend is taking on a new challenge: modernizing the contour. When he started sharing his application process with Kardashian back in 2013, the "techniques were really for lights and cameras and action." Of course, there is a lot to love about a full face beat, but today he's more interested in delivering a sculpt that's wearable and closer to home.

“There's a difference between social media and your real life. And, makeup products should reflect that,” Dedivanovic tells me. Soft Sculpt delivers on that promise. The line is meticulously formulated for an easy-to-execute contour promising a subtle sculpt in minutes. Read on to learn more about the makeup icon's inspiration, collection details, and how to get a subtle sculpt at home. 

The Inspiration

"If I'm being honest, I think one of the mistakes people make is not getting the color right," Dedivanovic says about contouring. His new Soft Sculpt collection seeks to solve that problem. The mission is delivering his signature look to a new generation with a subtle glow suited for daily life, not just your Instagram feed. Soft Sculpt embraces usability and imperfection. You won't need a variety of products and 40 minutes to use this line (or even a ring light), the products are meant to fit into your routine and give you an all-over radiance.

The Collection

What struck me most is the line's precise attention to detail. As Dedivanovic tells me, "it was crafted with really intentional purpose." The collection is tight—a group of holy grail products that each serve their own function. Think: the perfect bronzer, a long-wear blush, and a two-product contour kit that can be applied in five minutes at home (or on the go if you're pressed).

collection makeup

Makeup by Mario

The Soft Sculp Shaping Stick

Contour stick
Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick $28.00

The Shaping Stick ($28) is easy-to-use and blendable, creating a subtle contour in just minutes. But, the real star is the soft and luxurious removable brush (which Dedivanovic tells me took months of development to get right). There are five little balls at its tip, which help centralize the creamy formula for a streak-free application.

makeup brush

Makeup by Mario

The Soft Pop Blush Stick

Blush Stick
Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick $28.00

Soft Pop Blush's ($28) finish is dewy and long-lasting. Built to deliver sheer, buildable coverage, your cheeks will look healthy and radiant after one layer. Apply a light pop of color or sculpt your face with the attachable brush for a multifaceted hue. Oh, and this all-in-one formula also works as a lipstick.

The Soft Sculpt Bronzer

Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Bronzer $28.00

"It's my dream bronzer," says Dedivanovic. The Soft Sculpt Bronzer ($28) is versatile and multi-purpose: dust it on for a healthy glow or use it to sculpt your cheeks and face. It's not heavily pigmented, so you can truly choose your own adventure, building the amount of color and coverage you need according to your mood.

The Soft Pop Powder Blush

Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Powder Blush $24.00

The Soft Pop Powder Blush ($24) and its sheer formula have staying power. "It's a simple little blush, but there's a technology here that makes it more long-lasting so you don't have to apply 100 times a day." The shades are also infused with micronized clay to "restore natural radiance to your complexion."

The Review


Madeline Hirsch

Blush is kind of my thing. Anything that delivers a healthy dose of color to my cheeks is guaranteed to win a prime spot on my vanity. I like to have a shade for every occasion, so I opted to try the bright and almost '80s-inspired raspberry cream stick from Soft Sculpt, along with the shaping stick in light. As Mario walked me through the application process, the buildable color impressed me. The shade looks intense in the package, but it goes on light, allowing for layering that really packs a punch.

The two sticks are a perfect pair, providing a blendable formula that's natural but still sculpting. And, I absolutely fell in love with the detachable brush. It's fine and silky, and the nub tips make blending easy. I have a feeling there's lots of Makeup by Mario contouring in my future.

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