The Best Holiday Stress Reliever Isn't What You Think

These days, we live our lives always on. Add in packed-to-the-brim schedules, plus other unavoidable stresses that come with the holiday season, and this time of year can only be described as chaotic. Everyone handles stress relief differently, but we've noticed quite an uptick in one particular form of relief… Marijuana, weed, pot—whatever you choose to call it, cannabis has quite a few calming properties.

Since it can all be a bit confusing and intimidating, we turned to our friends at luxury cannabis company Canndescent for more information. The brand is currently changing the way people think about and consume cannabis by focusing on creating a product that's high quality and specific to consumers' needs. Want to know more? We chatted with Canndescent's extremely knowledgeable CMO, Jenna Habayeb, to get all of the details.