Blogger Marianna Hewitt Tells Us Her Impressive Summer Beauty Routine

Aside from the fact she's Kim Kardashian West's absolute doppelgänger, influencer Marianna Hewitt is best known for her impressive beauty prowess. She's the creator of award-winning blog Life With Me, a beauty and style destination chock-full of Pin-worthy content, an Instagram account that boasts over 800K followers (and tons of beauty advice), and partnerships with mega brands like Dior, Glossier, Nars, and Ouai. But Hewitt isn't your typical "gets paid to post and look pretty for other brands" tastemaker—nope, as she's recently taken matters into her own hands and become the face of her own brand, Summer Fridays, in partnership with co-founder Lauren Gores Ireland. The brand's sole SKU is a hydrating mask, automatically branding itself as the hero product. It's a lot of weight to hold, but post-launch, it was met with a ton of internet buzz and rave reviews, including one from Kardashian West herself. So given Hewitt's overflowing knowledge of the beauty space, we thought we'd funnel some of it here with a focus on her approach to summer beauty now that it's (finally) gotten warmer out. Ahead are her best secrets.

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