Yes, Mariah Carey Uses a $370 Light-Up Selfie Stand to Look Good on Camera

Create a custom light setting, you say? We’re sold.

Mariah Carey

 Mariah Carey

Yesterday (Aug. 19), Mariah Carey popped-in to Good Morning America to talk about her newly recorded song “Save the Day,” dropping August 21. While we’re over the moon (like everyone else) for the track that contains a Lauryn Hill sample, we couldn’t get over her supremely well-lit setup for the appearance.

A lighting station like this would be desirable under any terms because, well, who doesn’t appreciate good lighting? But in the pandemic-stricken world that is 2020, where Zoom meetups are the new happy hour, an accessory like this is a must-have. Mimi is probably the most glamorous person on the planet, so naturally, her lighting of choice is the Glamcor Multimedia X ($370). 

According to a press release from the company, Multimedia X had only one goal: “to put its users in their best lighting imaginable.” The $370 price tag might make you think twice about purchasing the selfie stand, but this item is so much more than that. Consisting of two LED light panels attached to sturdy (but easily flexible) gooseneck arms, your devices receive equal lighting, erasing the possibility of an annoying shadow. The lights themselves are controlled by a remote, which can adjust brightness and color temperature without the need to move. No more suffering from “selfie elbow” trying to find your light.

Once the perfect lighting is set, it can be saved on the remote’s control panel for future use. Basically, you can create your own personal light setting—a necessity for any selfie queen. Multi Media X comes with two tripods—a standing one, and one for desk use. It can even connect to a smart phone’s Bluetooth, thereby allowing for hands-free photos, selfies, shoots and recordings. 

Thank you, Mariah for schooling us on how to go live from home in 2020. Our photos and videos will look like nothing but a sweet, sweet fantasy!

Glamcor Multimedia X Content Creation Kit $370

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