Margot Robbie on Her Favorite Concealer and Can't-Live-Without Skin Savior



I can’t explain it, but my palms are sweating and my heart rate is steadily increasing as I ride the elevator up to the 39th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC to meet Margot Robbie and chat about her new role as the face of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria. It doesn’t help that I get lost walking around the massive (and superbly glamorous) building en route to see one of Hollywood’s biggest It girls of the moment. Once I finally make my way up, I stand outside her suite, pause for a few seconds to collect myself, and ring the bell.

I guess my anxiety branches from the fact that Robbie’s got an unparalleled allure. She’s a complete chameleon. For us Americans who weren’t aware of her roots before The Wolf of Wall Street—when she really catapulted into stardom, it was as though she actually was her character. To us, she was the Duchess: a striking, ultra-feminine blonde who could volley with DiCaprio in her tough Brooklyn accent while capturing the unwavering attention of every breathing being on the planet. But beyond Wolf, she’s an outdoorsy Aussie who enjoys beer showers and—hockey?

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