Margot Robbie's Anti-Lipstick Hack Is Genius


Brian Killian/Getty

Nobody likes the foundation-on-your-lips look, but sadly, it happens to all of us—even flawless beings like Margot Robbie. No matter how carefully we apply our foundation, somehow it always creeps onto our lips, creating a ghostlike appearance that can only be remedied with several layers of lipstick. (Why, oh why is it so difficult to remove foundation from your lips, huh?!)

On that note, in a new interview in the latest issue of Marie Claire Australia, Robbie revealed some of the best makeup hacks she's learned from on-set makeup artists over the years—one of which is a simple but genius trick for fixing the foundation-lips look without piling on more makeup.

"One trick I've learnt is that every time I put on foundation, I dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and remove the foundation that's gotten on my lips so I don't have to wear lipstick," she said.

Eye makeup remover—of course. This actually isn't the first time we've heard makeup experts suggest repurposing eye creams and removers to fix various makeup mistakes. (Pro tip: to reverse liquid eyeliner mishaps, simply dip a cotton swab in eye cream and gently swipe it over the rogue liner.)

We also love Robbie's hack considering the minimal lip looks we're seeing more and more—a countermove to the high-impact matte lips that have ruled the makeup world for the past few years. Airbrushed skin, natural lips: Sounds like a trend to us.

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