7 Ways to Come Back From the Dead When You're Hungover on a Workday

A hangover was likely the last thing on your mind while you were celebrating Fat Tuesday, but all you can think about this morning is how you wish you had left your beads at home. Instead of regretting your one too many drinks from the night before, dietician and nutritionist Amy Shapiro has the mardi gras hangover cures you need to feel better in no time.

According to Shapiro, “The best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink at all or to pace yourself.” However, we all know how easy it can be to fall prey to a drink or two, and in turn, wake up feeling worse for wear. If that happens to be the case, Shapiro has a few suggestions to combat the day-after-drinking-blues. From old standbys like drinking more water to fun tips like dancing your way out of a hangover, here are the nutritionist-recommended hangover cures to help you bounce back after a memorable night out.