20 March Nail Ideas to Embrace Spring Without Going Full Leprechaun

Purple, green, and peach color block nails with cuticle half-moons


If you like to pick your nail art with the season in mind, you may be brainstorming your March mani. While spring doesn't technically start until March 20, daylight savings begins on March 12, plus the entire month is filled with hope for warmer days, blue skies, and fresh flowers popping into view. Plus, St. Patrick's Day is coming up, making green nail art ideas especially popular for March. If you want a touch of the shade without literal shamrocks and leprechauns, there are so many manis that you can rock all month long and still feel festive on the day itself. As you decide on your March nails, consider one of the 20 looks below for a fresh take on the start of spring.

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Pistachio Nails

Green, white, and nude pistachio manicure with curved accent design


Good news: We know the exact polishes nail artist Brittney Ellen used to create this pretty pistachio green manicure. You'll need Lights Lacquer's Nail Polish ($11) in Taurus, Paper Snow, and Adaline. Start with a coat of Adaline on the decorated nails, then use a fine-lining nail art brush and Taurus polish to create your green shapes. Outline them in Paper Snow, then finish with topcoat.

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Avocado Swirl

Negative space manicure with black and avocado green swirl designs


For a high-contrast March mani, opt for three shades of green, as nail artist Dayanna Sapiens did here. She used Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in shades Adaline, Fiona, Emerald, and Chloe to create the look. Start with Adaline for the base, and use a fine nail art brush to trace on your wavy lines before sealing in the look with topcoat.

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Coconut Matcha Latte

Green and white manicure with wavy design


For a creamy, coconut matcha latte-inspired March mani, copy this simple swirl nail art idea. To create the look, Ellen used Jessie Monroe Nailcare's Nail Polish ($13) in shades G.I. Jane and Kool Whip.

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Spring Has Sprung

Pink, green, and blue manicure with wavy multicolored accent design


These colorful nails remind us of clear blue skies, rainbows, and St. Patrick's Day, all wrapped into one. To create the look, Sapiens used Essie Nail Polish ($10) in shades Watermelon, Ripple Reflect, Willow in the Wind, and Sugar Daddy.

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Purple and Green Colorblock

Purple, green, and peach color block nails with cuticle half-moons


This colorful nail art idea works just as well for March and St. Patrick's Day as it does for Easter. To bring the look to life, Ellen used Bio SeaWeed Gel ($12) in shades Meet Me By the Garden, Milk or Cream?, and Petit Fours.

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Cha Cha Matcha Illusion Nails

Pink and matcha green blurred nail design


How fun is this illusion French mani? To create the look, Sapiens used the Cirque Colors Creme Nail Polish ($13) in Socialite and the Nailtopia Beauty Nail Lacquer ($10) in Jamaican Me Crazy. She first painted a sponge with the colors to create the side-by-side base, then went in with a fine-lining nail art brush to precisely paint the two-tone French tips.

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Matte Green Nails

Matte light and dark green manicure with several designs


We love an abstract nail look, and this one incorporates a different pattern on each nail. (If you're a Euphoria fan, you may have noticed that these look like Maddy's nails from the season finale—they're inspired by them!) To create the look, Ellen used OPI Nail Lacquer ($12) in The Pass Is Always Greener and Essie Nail Polish ($10) in Win Me Over.

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Pink and Green Wavy Nails

Manicure with green French tips and wavy pink design


Pink and green is a classic combo that looks fab any time of year. To wear the look this March, use Lights Lacquer's Nail Polish ($11) in the shades Strawberry Frosting and Adaline. (Ellen also used the shade Central Perk for the green tips, but it's unfortunately sold out.)

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Juicy Fruit Nails

Negative space nails with abstract brightly colored half-moons and waves


Remember: March nails don't have to be entirely green or even prominently green. Even a hint of the shade feels festive enough for St. Patrick's Day and the arrival of spring. If you prefer a brighter palette, consider this multicolor mani, which Sapiens created using the Color Dept. Nail Polish ($10) in shades Coconut Water, Morning Squeeze, Kiwi Juice, Grape Soda, Avo Guac, Hydrated, and Strawberry Jam.

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Nickelodeon Nails

Green and orange abstract patterned nails


These nails make us think of Nickelodeon and Reptar. To recreate the retro-inspired nails, use Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in shades Meloncholy and Mamey.

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Shimmering Shamrock

White and shamrock green shimmer manicure with negative space base


Craving a little shimmer to harness the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day? Start with a sheer base using Cirque Colors' Nail Polish ($13) in the shade Chiffon, then create the white shapes with Carpe Diem, and follow up with shimmer using Cannabliss.

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Green on Green Negative Space

Negative space manicure with green wavy nail design


Love a two-tone nail look? Pick your favorite shades of green and pair them with a touch of negative space down the middle.

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Green Emoji Nails

Monochromatic green nails with flower, eye, checkerboard, and yin/yang designs


Excuse us while we swoon over these fun March nails, which feature a different pattern on each tip, from smiley face flowers to checkerboard. Let's be honest, though: This mani will likely require a professional nail artist to recreate.

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Maze French Mani

French manicure with swirling green tips


These two-toned green maze French tips remind us of Maddy's mani with a classic twist. To recreate the look, start with a sheer base, such as Rimmel London's Super Gel ($16) in English Rose. Then, paint your French tips using a pale green polish, and follow up with a fine-lining brush to create dark swirls before finishing with topcoat.

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Glitter Overlay

Green French manicure with glitter overlay


Another way to lean into the childlike magic associated with St. Patrick's Day? Pair kelly green French tips with a subtle glitter overlay. Here, nail influencer Franci (AKA @pop_polished) used the Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($11) in City of Stars.

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Green With Envy

French manicure with dark green and light green tips


One of the easiest and chicest options for March nails is a green French mani. To perfect your edges, use the Orly Half Moon Guides ($6).

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Green Chrome

Green chrome manicure with subtle shimmer


Some polish colors are so original that they make a bold statement all on their own. Case in point: this incredible green chrome mani. While the creator doesn't reveal the exact polish used, if you bring this picture to your manicurist, they'll likely be able to recreate it.

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Malachite French Mani

French manicure with green Malachite texture tips


For an especially chic March nail art idea, consider a malachite-inspired French mani. To create this look, nail artist Melanie Graves used Gelcare's UV Gel Nail Polish ($19) in Nude BB Cream, Velveteen, and French Alps.

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Checker Wave

Wavy purple, green, and white checkered manicure


Checkerboard is trending right now, so for a double-whammy mani this March, you can't go wrong with this cute checker wave nail art idea. You'll likely need a pro to help you recreate it precisely, but the result will be totally worth it.

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Green Contrast

Negative space manicure with light and dark green contrasting wave designs


Last but not least, we have another two-tone green negative space nail idea. This wavy abstract design has become something of a classic the past five years, so most nail techs know how to recreate it with care.

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