Now That Mercury Retrograde Is (Almost) Over, Here's Your March Beauty Horoscope

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

If you were born February 6, 1991–June 30, 1993, you are now in your Saturn return, but you'll want to check the exact degree to see when this happens. Despite its daunting reputation, it's a rite of passage and a beautiful maturing one at that. Congratulations—you'll finally become an adult and will learn more about how you handle responsibility. Saturn is the planet of maturation, time management, and stability, so in general, Saturn, while in Aquarius, is here to make sure that our ideas, contributions to society, and radical approaches are intact! The internet, organizations, and how you contribute to the future are all being stabilized and becoming more definite during this period in your life. 

March 03: Venus square Saturn. Loving yourself becomes a focal point. Your skin has minor irritation due to a rise in temperature. Red lipstick would be an overkill today.

March 04: Venus moves into Taurus. Quality over quantity! Your skin will be glowing, and you'll feel sensual and beautiful all month long in the perfect shade of plum.

March 08: Venus conjunct Uranus. Be willing to try something new! Change your look or invest in a new aspect of your skincare—you'll be glad you did!

March 09: Full Moon in Virgo. Get in the practice of letting go, going more with the flow, and being less self-critical. Incorporate something shimmering, translucent, or rose gold into your beauty regimen.

March 09: Mercury direct Aquarius. Be clearer about how you want to put your best foot forth. Muting yourself to appease others will no longer work. Get creative and feel your way into your process.

March 19: Sun enters Aries, making it officially Aries season! Happy Birthday, Aries! This is a unique year for you. This goes for everyone, not only Aries this season. Find your favorite shade of red and wear it to feel confident and beautiful.

March 20: Mars conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn ignited, and reactive! You're energized to make a difference. Treat your skin with a calming mask.

March 21–Saturn enters Aquarius, making this a big deal. Saturn will be here for the next two and a half years. Invest in a refining and calming mask.

March 23–Mars conjunct Pluto. Be mindful of who and what you've giving energy too. This is a powerful day, and you don't want to waste this boost of superpower energy on things or people who aren’t worth it. Detoxing and deep breathing are the keys to a beautiful skin today.

March 24–New Moon in Aries 4 degrees. A healing and magnetic day. Opt for soft rose tones, a neutral eye, good lipstick, and lots of dewy moisture.

March 28–Saturn and Pluto conjoined. You’ll feel focused, determined, and resilient today; you can do anything when you try. Remember to focus on what you want to create rather than what you don't.

March 30–Mars enters Aquarius, leading to radical, rebellious, unattached, coolheaded, uniquely expressive vibes. Opt for chrome nails and a dark lip.

March 31–Mars conjunct Saturn. This energy isn’t for the lighthearted. Actions taken today will play out over the next two years, so be cognizant of how you proceed. Fear shouldn't have a place in your life, only strategy, and thoughtfulness. Plan to channel your intensity through constructive activities.


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Happy Birthday! The Full Moon in Virgo (your opposite sign) on March 9 signifies a rebirth. Mercury Retrograde has spent nearly the last month in your sign, gifting you clarity about ideas, dreams, goals, and even fine-tuning your savvy intuition. This season—your season—means putting your best qualities first. Saturn moving into Aquarius this month will allow you to move past any limitation and self-doubt that reside within you. This long transit also means that you should keep a dream journal.

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When Venus moves from your sign into Taurus on March 4, you can expect to feel better financial flow—even if that means that you'll need to ask for it! Mars, your ruling planet, makes some powerful moves during the last week of this month, so be particularly mindful about taking actions that support your future goals. Saturn moving into Aquarius implies that you're cleaning up your social circles. Not everyone needs a place in your life—it's time to be more discerning.

Your Product: A moisturizing shade of rose lipstick, like Kevyn Aucoin's Unforgettable Lipstick in Roserin, to reconnect you to your femininity.


March 9 might be “save the date” worthy. Plan to be spontaneous and open! This season promises to be an exciting one, with Mercury waking up in your career sector and Venus entering your sign on March 4. It's quality or nothing for you! Saturn is moving into your career sector, where it loves to be; this only strengthens your diligent and humanitarian-like nature. It might seem like you're having to work harder for things, but that will soon pass, and you'll see the fruits of your labor in due time.

Your Product: OPI's Aloha from OPI is your prosperity color.


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Who you are to the world becomes the focal point for you this season. Your planet Mercury goes direct on March 9, so stay open to receiving news—news that can either allow you to change plans or alter your viewpoint for the best. Information is your vice, so be thankful you're getting clarity. Saturn moving into fellow air sign Aquarius signifies new horizons—continuing your education, traveling more…anything to further your experiences and grow.

Your Product: An aromatic facial spritzer from Kora Organics to keep you hydrated and balanced during your travels.


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Post-March 4, when Venus moves into Taurus, you'll still be enjoying the recognition and support that you're receiving. The New Moon on April 24 challenges you to focus on who and what you are to the world vs. retreating quietly into your haven of home and familiarity. Saturn has been opposite your sign for the last couple of years, which will shift the focus from your partner to your financial and psychological resources. Financial strategizing is vital for you to experience greater abundance now!
PRODUCT: A juicy red lip gloss from Kosas puts all eyes on you.


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The New Moon lights up your deepest desires. Not that you weren't passionate enough, but pay attention to what requires more of your attention this month because others will be willing to support you when you let them. Mercury retrograde opposes you, challenging you to communicate even more. Saturn moving opposite your sign means that commitment in relationships highlights your ability to take things to the next level—or move on.

Your Product: A luminous golden SPF, like Supergoop's new Glow Screen, that makes your skin shine the way your soul does.


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The Full Moon in your sign on March 9 nudges you to let go of your overly-critical ways and to ease into the flow of life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, also goes direct that day, so give yourself a little room to adjust to the unknowns. This season is about trusting yourself more. Saturn moving into Aquarius means that health needs to become a priority, especially related to diet and exercise. It's time to put your innovative side to use! Think of your long transit as a way to revolutionize the way you care for yourself and others.

Your Product: A purifying toner, like Youth to the People's Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner.



The New Moon opposite your sign on March 24 is putting the focus on your partner—easy for you, but you'll need to take the lead. Saturn moving into fellow air sign Aquarius on March 21 is a game-changer; it implies that you're creating and making fun a priority. Children—or a childlike wonder and playfulness—are a theme. This month challenges your ability to put yourself first.

Your Product: A defining bronzer, like this silky-matte one from Elcie.


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Venus moving into Taurus opposite your sign on March 4 gives you sensual vibes. The Full Moon on March 9 inspires you to have more fun and to focus on the romantic, indulgent side of life—you know, that poetic, whimsical side that lives within you. It is, after all, Pisces season. The last two weeks of the month are incredibly powerful for you in terms of communication, so be mindful about asking for what you need. Saturn entering Aquarius implies that you're healing family secrets and dealing with the past so that you'll be able to move forward powerfully and never look back.

Your Product: A light, moisturizing cleanser, like this one from Summer Fridays.



For you, Mercury Retrograde waking up on March 9 will bring you clarity about your life purpose. The New Moon on March 24 in fellow fire sign is heating your romantic sector, as well as making you more fertile, in case you're thinking about creating a family—but it can also mean fertile in terms of creative implementation. Saturn entering Aquarius is grounding and stabilizing for you in terms of ideas. This two and a half year transit implies that what you're communicating now, whether through new mediums, writing, film, music, even simple emails, will have a greater impact than usual.

Your Product: An invigorating essential oil roller from Aesop to calm your mind and relieve headaches.



You’re on fire the last two weeks of this month! With Mars aligning to the major trifecta of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto all in your sign, you have never been so diligent in making your dreams come true. Be mindful of taking actions that could impact others (like your family), especially around the New Moon on March 24. Saturn, your planet moving into Aquarius, implies that you'll begin to see how things are unfolding.

Your Product: A rich rose face moisturizer from Sisley to combat too much bravado.


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Well, well, well—if this isn't a significant catalyst and year for you!! Expect your life to be different after this year, Aquarius. The last time Saturn was in your sign was 1993, and you wouldn't have had the other astrological alignments as you do now. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will enter your sign on the 19th this month, laying the groundwork for your future. The good news is your Saturn return will be productive because Saturn is your ancient planetary ruler. As for your skin and nervous system, take extra care to nourish yourself when you need it.

Your Product: A soothing, fragrant body oil from Costa Brazil helps you take a moment for yourself.

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