Marc Jacobs Debuts New Nail Polish on Miley Cyrus

Wondering just how involved Marc Jacobs really is with the beauty look at each runway show? Very. He even mixed the quirky shade of brown nail polish on his S/S 14 runway himself. The grungy color, called Bark!, complimented the rich green and blue liners used around the models’ eyes, while the black rhinestones aligned across the top of each nail (4,500 in all!) lent the choppy blonde wigs some sophistication. “This color’s a bit murky, it’s all a little bit wrong,” says manicurist Marianne Newman, who painted 970 nails with just one coat before the show. “It’s imperfect perfection!”

No one expects you to wear the wigs or the dramatic liner in real life, but Miley Cyrus, who makes her high fashion campaign debut in the controversial ads, does sport Bark! on her nails. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before nude nail polish, everyone’s latest crush, went over to the dark side. Look for the color at Sephora this summer.