How Mara Hoffman Stays So Zen

When we learned earlier this summer that Mara Hoffman was launching an activewear line, our first thought was, “what took so long?” After years of coveting her colorful swimwear and breezy ready-to-wear collection, it only seemed right that the bohemian designer tackle the ever-growing fitness space next. The truth is, Hoffman has thought about doing for some time—she just wanted to do it right. And it only takes a quick perusal of the beautifully patterned sports bras and leggings, cozy knit ponchos, and bright matching sets to know that they were well worth the wait.

For Hoffman, this newest venture isn’t just an extension of the collection that she has grown for 15 years—it’s an extension of her own life, in which wellness is king, inside and out. A quick introduction to the designer herself confirms that she is every bit the chill, free spirit that her designs embody. But how does she maintain that unflappable personality in an industry that moves at a breakneck pace? We wanted to find out.

Keep reading as Hoffman reveals how she stays calm in the face of chaos, her fashion week immunity essentials, and the amazingly fun way she stays active.