Kourtney Kardashian's Skin Secret Is an Ancient Acne Treatment

Acne can show up on your skin at any given time thanks to factors like diet, stress, pollution, new products, your hormones—you name it. Don't stress, though: Acne happens to the best of us—85% of Americans, to be exact. When it comes to treating it, you might tend to reach for over-the-counter solutions, but there's a natural option to try, especially if you have sensitive skin: mānuka honey.

"Mānuka honey is produced from the flowers of mānuka bushes, which are native to New Zealand," explains Tyler Porteous, vice president of marketing and business development at Bare Republic, an eco-active skincare line. Think of it as your new secret acne-fighting weapon, thanks to its antibacterial and healing properties. 

"Mānuka is a rare, special honey that's been extensively researched and recognized for its remarkable natural qualities," adds Eve Kessner, a certified holistic health coach and SoulCycle instructor. "It's also a superfood used for a variety of health and nutritional needs." Keep reading to learn more about using mānuka honey for acne.

The verdict is in: Mānuka honey will help with acne and beyond.