Yes, Manuka Honey's Extortionate—but Here's Why You Need to Try It



Manuka honey has a lot of benefits. While you might not be sure about the kind of useful things it can do for your body, you probably know that it's not exactly cheap. We're not talking a couple of quid for your classic squeezable Gale's honey. Oh, no. Instead, expect to pay around £15 for a jar of the stuff. However, despite the rather eye-watering price tag, it has some wonderful healing properties for a variety of ailments.

I spoke to nutritionist Michelle Braude, author of The Food Effect Diet, who gave me some incredible examples of the health benefits of manuka honey. But first she told me about how to buy the product, which is something not everyone knows about. Braude is a massive fan of the honey, but she concedes that you need to know what you're investing in before you buy.

Braude explained that all manuka honey is graded according to its UMF (aka unique manuka factor). The higher it is, the more healing it is… and the more expensive it becomes—but there's a limit. For example, you can get manuka honey graded 10+, which usually retails at around £15, but the 20+, which usually retails at £33, won't give you much more in terms of health benefits. For this reason, Braude says you'll get everything you want from a manuka honey that's graded at 10+.

Now that you know how to shop it, keep scrolling to find out just what it can do for you.

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