Mandy Moore on Why She's Way More Comfortable in Her 30s

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Mandy Moore has had quite the year. Since we caught up with her one year ago for our exclusive shoot and interview—where she got real about diet and aging—the actress has found even more whirlwind success with her hit show This Is Us, which was nominated for a Golden Globe, purchased a gorgeous mid-century home in Pasadena, and got engaged to Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith. When we last spoke with Moore, she admitted she didn't have an anti-aging routine (though clearly whatever she's doing is working), but she said she's "trying to get better." So when we sat down with Mandy Moore earlier this month when she partnered with the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express to host a special Friendsgiving in L.A., we checked back in on her approach to skincare, aging, and wellness.

"No, I need to," admitted Moore when we asked if she's adopted any new practices since our last interview. "I feel like I'm missing the boat a little bit. It’s time." Yet so much about Moore's uncanny ability to appear as fresh-faced as she did when she first emerged on the scene as a teenage pop star in the '90s is her effortless attitude and healthy priorities. After making a joke about how she's answering questions about skincare while sitting in the sun baking ("This is not what I do—ever," she said), as we gathered around our Friendsgiving desserts on an outdoor terrace, Moore admitted, "I go to bed obscenely early and I try to drink a lot of water and I don't drink a ton—I don't know? But I'm also, like, a regular person. I'm going to have some of that crumble and I don't fuss about that stuff."

When it comes to anti-aging and skincare, Moore confessed that "I maybe need to be a bit more… I'm diligent, but I’m not doing anything proactive like retinol or anything." And even while she's managed to keep most visible signs of aging at bay without the help of serums and active ingredients, Moore isn't afraid of what's next. "The aging process—I say bring it on," she declared in our interview a year ago. This time she spoke more to how she feels better now more than ever before.

"I don't know if you guys feel this way, but I love myself so much more—or I care less—than I did in my 20s," Moore explained. "As long as I feel good and I know that everything in moderation including moderation—like I'm taking care of myself, mentally especially, I'm outside, I’m getting some vitamin D, I'm hiking, I'm feeling connected and grounded, I'm going to therapy. All of that stuff factors into my life so much more than like What do I eat? Like I've never been that girl anyway—I don't stress out about that stuff."

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