17 Mandala Tattoos That Are Beautiful and Balanced

Mandala Tat Inspo

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A mandala is a geometric compilation of symbols, typically aligned in a circle. The meaning of a mandala isn’t set in stone, though it’s typically considered a symbol of balance, eternity, and perfection. Many cultures have used the mandala symbol within their teachings as a way to further that understanding of balance. In Hinduism, for example, it's often embedded in prayer and meditation rooms, as it’s connected to focus. In Buddhism, mandalas symbolize the balance of body and mind. Even in Christianity, mandalas are often incorporated into artwork within churches.

As tattoos, mandalas can be representative of so many things: your internal balance, your soul and eternity, or something unique. The blooming look of mandalas mimics that of a flower, so it could even be as simple as a translation of nature into geometry. No two mandalas are the same, so you can really play around with the design and be sure it is true to you.

If you like the look and symbolism of mandala tattoos, keep scrolling for 17 ideas to inspire your next ink.

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Half Mandala Tattoo

Because of the symmetry of mandalas, they look great cut into segments to fit different places. Try playing with different detailing to fill the space in an interesting way.

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Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

Black mandala tattoo on shoulder


Mandalas make for a great sleeve cap or just shoulder tattoos in general, as the shape mimics the joint's rounded structure. For even more intrigue, have the center of your shoulder be the focal point of your mandala tattoo.

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Fade-Out Mandala Tattoo

Dotted mandala tattoo on foot with gradient edges


Don't want to box your mandala in with an outline? Instead, have the outer layer fizzle out with dot detailing for a unique touch.

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Dotwork Mandala Tattoo

For some delicate touches, have your detailing done in dotwork rather than lines.

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Background Mandala Tattoo

While mandalas are always attention-grabbing, for a unique spin, try using one as the backdrop of a design instead of the focal point. The geometric pattern draws the eye forward.

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Face Mandala Tattoo

For those looking for a more daring tattoo, mandalas look great on the face and neck because there are so many different placement options. Skip the lines and go for all dotwork for a more unique design.

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Tiny Mandala Tattoo

Small dreamcatcher mandala tattoo on wrist


Shrink your mandala into an almost impossible size for a tattoo that feels like it’s for your eyes only. Placing it along the wrist makes it feel like a beautiful, permanent bracelet.

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Upper Arm Mandala Tattoo

If you don’t want to cap off a sleeve with a mandala, a half mandala on the upper arm still mimics that movement without being so round. Incorporate natural elements, like a sunflower, to emphasize the mandala’s connection to nature.

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Simplified Mandala Tattoo

A great trait of a mandala is that you can break it down into different elements and still get across what it is. Here, the petals of the mandala are shrunk down to fit the ear in an elegant but still noticeable way.

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Intricate Mandala Tattoo

Woman lifts hair to reveal intricate mandala tattoo on back of neck


Use dotwork to create intricate patterns for a whimsical touch. Use different compactions and thicknesses to mimic the mandala design without the extra lines.

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Sun & Moon Mandala Tattoo

Play around with different images that can feature a mandala, like a moon and a sun.

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Armband Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos make for great centerpieces for armbands, as they provide a focal point that draws the eye. Their shape also makes for a great starting point for adding detailing and extra design.

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Personalized Mandala Tattoo

Delicate mandala tattoo on arm near elbow


Rather than getting a cut-and-dry mandala, try adding more whimsical elements like flowers or other personal symbols to customize your tattoo. Use traditional mandalas as inspiration, but really make it your own.

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Simple Mandala Tattoo

While it can feel like all mandalas are jam-packed with detail, it’s also totally possible to simplify it for a more minimal look. Keep the extra detailing minimal to really focus on the mandala.

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Sleeve Mandala Tattoo

Large mandala tattoo with flowers on arm


Mandalas make great additions to tattoo sleeves already in progress. Because they look good in both the foreground and background, you can position mandala tattoos in whatever way looks best with the tats you already have.

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Negative Space Armband Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas make beautiful armband designs because you can cut them in half and still get the same intricate, ornate design. Mimic the look on the other side of the armband to give the illusion of negative space.

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Sleeve Addition Mandala Tattoo

Full sleeve tattoo with mandalas and flowers


Mandala tattoos seamlessly fit into any style of sleeve, as they can get into any space and have so many different options for crafting them. This one blends so seamlessly into the sleeve that it looks like one large tattoo.

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