The Malt Shop Bob Is the Sweetest Take on the Trend Yet

Avani Gregg

@daniellepriano / @avani

You may not have heard of the "malt shop bob," but you've definitely seen it before. It's essentially a 60s-inspired bob with flippy ends. However, today's take on the trend is a little less...rigid. Beyond the hallmark flared ends, there are so many ways to make this retro bob your own, from adding piecey layers to dramatic parts.

Thinking about trying the look? We've got you covered with the 10 best takes on the malt shop bob. Scroll on for all the malt shop bob inspiration you'll ever need.

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Bouncy Bob with Highlights

Lizzo with a flippy bob


Lizzo recently debuted a fun chin-length flippy cut. She enhanced the look with shaggy layers, a piecey side bang, and bright blonde highlights.

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Super Sleek Flippy Bob

Florence Pugh

@florencepugh / @mashamel

Florence Pugh jumped on the bob bandwagon as well. Here, she styled her flared cut in a super sleek way, creating a glossy, wet look at the top.

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Precise Side Part Bob

Lori Harvey


Lori Harvey's take on the trend is crisp and clean. She enhanced her short 'do by opting for a deep side part.

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Subtly Flipped Bob

blonde bob with slightly flippy ends.


Want to achieve a subtler version of the malt shop bob? Follow Carey Mulligan's lead and go for lightly flipped ends.

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Slicked Back Bob

Vanessa Hudgens with hair slicked back and a long bob with flicked out ends.

To make this vintage bob feel more modern, take notes from Vanessa Hudgens. Opt for a slicked-back look on top and a dramatic flip on the ends.

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Blinged Out Bob

A classic 60s style long bob with the ends flipped out.

@kahhspence / Getty Images

Celebrity hairstylist Kahh Spence drew inspiration from Cher and Rihanna to create Kiana Lede's bouncy bob. Spence added a little extra glamour to the look by placing a couple of bedazzled bobby pins at the front of the singer's hair.

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Piece-y Bob

Piece-y, flippy bob.


A piecey cut gives the malt shop bob a more modern, effortless vibe. However, the ever-so-slightly flipped-out ends create a sense of uniformity.

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Deep Side Part Bob

Influencer Rahel Brhane


This deep side part frames the face and adds a bit of volume to what'd otherwise be a fairly straightforward bob. The bob's copper color also makes the look more of a statement.

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Dramatic Glamour Bob

Keke Palmer


Keke Palmer's lob is channeling Old Hollywood glamour vibes. From the swooped bangs to the bedazzled hair accessories, we're obsessed with the look.

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Retro Lob

Avani Gregg


Lean fully into the malt shop bob trend like Avani. Celebrity hairstylist Danielle Priano used all SexyHair products to achieve this look.

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