This News Anchor's Hilarious Makeup Tutorial Is Going Viral

The realms of beauty and social media have become closely and intricately intertwined, and we love it. A quick scroll through Instagram or Twitter is all it takes to receive a little makeup inspiration or skincare advice. It's also given people of all different ages and backgrounds a platform with which to share their beauty influence, no matter how unlikely it might seem—whether that's a Las Vegas teen who cleared her chronic acne with green tea and honey or a Reddit user who found the perfect blackhead-banishing routine.

The most recent viral beauty content comes courtesy of a male news anchor from Ohio. Unlikely indeed, but viral nonetheless. His name is Bob Herzog, and he's the host of Good Morning Cincinnati. He's started a series of Facebook videos titled "Wake up and Makeup!" In them, Herzog applies makeup before his morning newscast. Along the way, he banters with his co-workers, shares recent makeup discoveries, and provides unique and truly hilarious commentary. One of these videos, in particular, has been making its rounds throughout the internet. After watching it, you'll be sure to understand why his Facebook page and makeup tutorials have skyrocketed in popularity.