Watch: Male News Anchor Goes Viral With Hilarious Makeup Tutorial

The realms of beauty and social media have become closely and intricately intertwined, and we love it. A quick scroll through Instagram or Twitter is all it takes to receive a little makeup inspiration or skincare advice. It's also given people of all different ages and backgrounds a platform with which to share their beauty influence, no matter how unlikely it might seem—whether that's a Las Vegas teen who cleared her chronic acne with green tea and honey or a Reddit user who found the perfect blackhead-banishing routine.

The most recent viral beauty content comes courtesy of a male news anchor from Ohio. Unlikely indeed, but viral nonetheless. His name is Bob Herzog, and he's the host of Good Morning Cincinnati. He's started a series of Facebook videos titled "Wake up and Makeup!" In them, Herzog applies makeup before his morning newscast. Along the way, he banters with his co-workers, shares recent makeup discoveries, and provides unique and truly hilarious commentary. One of these videos, in particular, has been making its rounds throughout the internet. After watching it, you'll be sure to understand why his Facebook page and makeup tutorials have skyrocketed in popularity.

He starts the video by enthusiastically reminding everybody that it's Friday, which already makes him relatable. Then he goes on to explain that his followers have expressed concern about his "violent blending" of concealer, saying he predicts he will one day have "unspeakable wrinkles" much like "a pug dog." You have to admit that even though it's far from being categorized as an "expert-level" makeup tutorial, it's extremely entertaining. And while we're on the topic of those expert makeup tutorials that we see all over social media, we'd like to add that it's a little refreshing to see a beginner's take on beauty. We're so used to seeing complicated smoky eye, contour, and cut-crease tutorials that it's nice to look at makeup and beauty from a novice perspective, realizing that it doesn't have to be complicated. It can be fun and lighthearted. As Herzog proves, it's more of a journey than a destination.

The best part of the video, in our opinion at least, is when his co-host introduces him to a Beautyblender ($20). His reaction? "You stop it right now. Do you have to dampen it? I've been doing some research." He goes on to say that he's worried about adding another step in his makeup routine too soon since he already forgot a step—primer. "I already added a step yesterday that I've already forgotten today. It's already too late, cause I primed yesterday, and I should have primed today and here I am, completely unprimed. And that's unacceptable, and I apologize." Can we also talk about how he describes his primer application process as "putting it on like a lotion, or a hearty balm…"? That line left us laughing for days.

At one point in the video, Herzog also points out that people have been commenting on his posts, asking why he applies makeup at all if he doesn't look any different in the end. "Another thing that some people are saying—mostly fellas, who are like, 'why is that dude doing makeup?'—is that they're like, 'he looks exactly the same as he did before,' which for me, is exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm not really going for anything stylized per se. When I'm under the lights, I have to get it so I don't look really shiny and the contours of my face are still available. Available? Visible? I don't know." He brings up a good point. Actually, he addresses what we think is a big misconception surrounding makeup. It doesn't have to be used to cover or change your features. Instead, it can be used to enhance them. (Also, may we add that makeup is for everyone and anyone who wants to wear it—no matter gender, identity, or profession).

We'll leave you with a Bob Herzog life fact on the topic of taco-eating: "You never want to drop salsa on the white shirt." As we said, the guy is as relatable as it gets. Rest assured that we'll be tuning in for more of Herzog's "Wake up and Makeup!" videos in the future. You can find them on his official Facebook page where he posts them roughly once a week. Will any other makeup tutorial ever out-do this one? No—because it's the first one we've seen that ends with an impromptu "Beat It" cover.

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