8 Genius Lessons We Learned From Male Beauty Vloggers


You Me and Whatever

YouTube beauty girls have long ruled the online beauty space—think Jaclyn Hill and Michelle Phan. But recently, a new crop of vloggers has appeared on the beauty community's radar, thanks to their talent, artistry, and one of a kind tips.

We're talking about boy beauty vloggers. Over the past few years, guys like Manny MUA, Jeffree Star, and dozens of others have become major players in the beauty space, proving that the creativity makeup affords doesn't have to be a gendered thing. "Men in makeup wasn't seen as normal, especially a couple of years ago. It wasn't as open as it is now," Manny told Marie Claire earlier this year. "It's really cool seeing all the upcoming boys doing makeup."

These boys offer a perspective on beauty that's very different from our own, pulling back the blinds on genius tips and advice that we might not discover without their insight.

Keep scrolling to see the best lessons that the beauty boys of YouTube have taught us!

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