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7 Beauty Rules We've Learnt From Male Bloggers

Male beauty bloggers aren't new. A host of them have been plugging away for years over on YouTube with their own incredible tutorials, and they also have a knack for making people (themselves included) look beautiful on Instagram. Their influence has spread so wide that last year, 17-year-old makeup blogger James Charles became the first-ever "CoverBoy" for CoverGirl, proving that makeup is, in fact, genderless, with both men and women taking pleasure from doing up their faces.

But Charles isn't the only one who's breaking down barriers with his Instagram account. There are plenty of other brilliant bloggers who have been creating loyal fan bases with their fabulous approach to makeup, and they've also taught us a thing or two about new methods and approaches for how we apply our own. Click through our gallery for the seven beauty rules we've learnt from male beauty bloggers.


#1: Skincare is key

It's no good whacking on a load of makeup if your skin isn't in good condition. Blogger Jake-Jamie Ward knows exactly how to show you the ways to achieving a flawless complexion.


#2: Experimentation is everything

Thinking about trying a new look but worried about what people will think? Stop that right now. Take inspiration from male beauty bloggers such as Patrick Starr, who knows how to do a bold lip, brightly coloured hair, and pink eye shadow with aplomb.


#3: Highlighter can be used everywhere

Not sure where to put your highlighter? Allow makeup artist and blogger Manny Gutierrez to show you how.


#4: Opt for a soft contour

Remember that picture doing the rounds on the internet of a woman with tiger stripes all over her face, but turns out it was all in the name of contouring? Check out Wayne Goss's approach to contouring; it's a much softer and subtle look.


#5: Natural makeup isn't just for the ladies

Even though Alex Faction uses a few products to get this natural no-makeup look (including NYX HD Photogenic Foundation Radiant Setting Powder, £8), it's one of the best we've ever seen.


#6: Everyone should try fake freckles

While we've told you about our own experiments with fake freckles before, they seriously suit anyone and any gender, as proven by James Charles.


#7: There's more than one way to use cotton buds

Until we saw Thomas Halbert's cotton bud mini tutorial, we'd never thought about using them this revolutionary way.

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