Watch How ColourPop Makes Its Famous Highlighters



With products selling out in days if not minutes, it’s no secret that Colourpop is one of the buzziest beauty brands on the market. So just what is it that sets Colourpop apart from the rest of the pack? While the reasonable price point and minimal packaging are likely factors, the brand’s highly pigmented formulas are paramount, with its highlighting powders reigning supreme. Intrigued by the highlight that sold out around the world, we went behind the scenes at the Colourpop factory to see just how the company creates its unique shimmering shades.

With flecks of rose-gold, copper, and even silver, Colourpop’s highlighters complement nearly every skin tone. To learn how the indie beauty brand creates its diverse shades, we headed straight to its factory to see how the brand measures, mixes, and makes what is arguably the most popular highlight of the moment. To watch our exclusive video of the making of a Colourpop highlighter, scroll down.