Here's a Stunning Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

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Sure, brown is the most common eye color—more than 55 percent of us have them—but that doesn't mean they aren't special. If you look closely at a dark iris, you'll likely find varying flecks of gold, auburn, or hazel. And to bring out these beautiful hues that make dark eyes unique, celebrity makeup artist Matin has created an eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes. From his tips on how to add depth to the proper technique for applying metallic shadow, Matin has brown eye makeup down to a science, and he's here to share his secrets.

Scroll on to learn how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Meet the Expert

Matin is a celebrity makeup artist and non-toxic beauty advocate, with clients among the likes of Angelina Jolie, Rebel Wilson, Awkwafina, and more.

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Apply a Matte Eyeshadow All Over the Lid

Matin recommends using a matte eyeshadow as a base for any shimmers that will be applied on top. "This goes all over the skin on the eyes from the lash line all the way to the eyebrows," he says. "This creates a halo around the eyes."

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Use a Warm Brown Eyeshadow to Add Depth

Use a Warm Brown Eyeshadow to Add Depth

"The one thing that I always enjoy doing is to play with the color of the eyes and use a contrasting tone in order to bring out the color," explains Matin. To define the crease, he recommends using the Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Transcend ($27)—which is a "playful" reddish brown when compared to a neutral brown—as it contrasts brown eyes better. Depending on the shape you want to create, you can apply this shade either in the crease or the corners of the eyes, as well as underneath your lash line to create a faded halo effect.

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Flick a Teal Eyeshadow Up From the Lashes

Next, take a bright teal blue eyeshadow on a flat liner brush. "Instead of lining the eyes, flick the color up from the lashes," says Matin. "As you get closer to the inner corner of the eyes, most of the color is gone from your brush so it automatically creates a faded look." If the shade is too bright for you, you can tone it down by mixing in some of the reddish-brown shade you used in the crease.

To prevent eyeshadow fallout from getting onto the rest of your face makeup, Matin recommends applying translucent powder to your cheeks before starting on your eyes. Or, use a Q-tip with some primer to lightly brush away the fallout.

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Go Day to Night By Lining the Waterline

Go Day to Night By Lining the Waterline

To take the look from day to night, Matin uses Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in LSD ($22) to line the entire lash line. "This is so easy to use because the color is there but it doesn't read as a blue eyeliner, so it's very wearable," he says. Then, liberally apply the pencil along the upper lash line to define the eyes. Use an eyeliner brush to lightly blend the product into the skin.

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Apply a Shimmery Blue Eyeshadow to the Eyelid

Using your finger and an electric blue shimmer eyeshadow, apply all over the lid above the liner. It looks purple in the pan but when the light shifts it has a beautiful, duchrome blue-to-purple finish.

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Redfine Outer Corners

Redefine blue

After applying shimmer to your lid, Matin says to go back to your teal color and add smokiness along the lashes. And when it comes to the rest of your makeup, he says to ensure there's balance. "You can pick and choose how much fun you want to have with this look, but the one important thing is that if you're playing that much with the eyes, you'll want to keep the lips nude. If you're doing a bright or dark lip, you'll want to keep the eyes as clean as possible. That way, the baalnce is there, you look modern and fresh, and never overdone," he says.

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