Spring 2022 Makeup Trends: Gemstone Eyes, Pops of Periwinkle, and More

Mixing and matching is in.

Makeup Trends

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Spring is here, and with its unpredictable weather comes new makeup trends. While people prepare for summer (and debate the merits of bringing an umbrella everywhere), this season’s beauty looks reflect a desire to have fun with your makeup and embrace a more carefree spirit. A focus on cheeky experimentation is replacing the rigid lines between different aesthetics.

These spring makeup trends ask all the right questions: Can I spice up my no-makeup makeup look with a pop of purple? Can eye gems be worn outside of Coachella valley? Should I attempt a reverse cat eye? (Yes, yes, and yes.) You can be bold and natural, colorful and understated, minimalistic and surprising. TL;DR: Mixing and matching is in.

Whether you’re experimenting with different blush applications, incorporating surprising accessories, or even—gasp—tweezing your eyebrows, this season is all about playing with what you’ve got. And there’s no one-size-fits-all. “Trends can really depend on the person. Natural, glowing skin with a flushed complexion is so widely popular, but I think we’ll see more bold choices on the eyes like glitter and pops of color in eyeliners,” makeup artist Ashley Rebecca tells Byrdie.

As people on TikTok and Twitter profess that this summer will recapture the unhinged energy of summer 2016, these spring 2022 makeup trends are proof that we’re already warming up.

Read on for all the trendy details, according to makeup artists.

Meet the Expert

Ashley Rebecca is a New York City-based makeup artist. Her experience includes editorial, red carpet, and advertising.

Nick Lujan is a New York-based makeup artist and educator with over 15 years of experience in the makeup industry. Lujan is also the Director of Artistry and Education at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.

Blush Contour

You can skip the contour kit this spring. Instead, applying blush to accentuate your features is the go-to technique. Whether you want to play up your cheekbones or add warmth to your nose, this method gives you plenty of room to play around. 

Makeup Artist Nick Lujan explains,  “Using blush instead of a sculpt shade to accentuate your cheek adds life, color, and sheen to your complexion.” This contouring method also tends to create a more natural finished look. “Contouring with your blush eliminates one step in the makeup application and allows for your natural bone structure to shine,” Lujan adds.  

The blush doesn't have to stop there, either. “There are a lot of viral videos of blush being applied under the eyes as a color corrector with concealer, which is actually a trick makeup artists have been doing forever,” Ashley Rebecca shares.

Minimalist Brows

“The barely-there brow is back,” Lujan says. I know, I know, the horror. But according to Lujan, fluffy brows will no longer be the be-all-end-all of every makeup look. Lujan explains, “There are a few versions of this [minimalist look], ranging from bleached brows to thinly tweezed and shaped."

That doesn't necessarily mean you have to ditch the brow gel for your tweezers. The main takeaway? You can let your other features take center stage this spring.

Monochromatic Makeup

Not only can monochromatic looks be super flattering, but they also tend to make the application process easier. “The idea of choosing a flattering shade of lip or blush and applying it to other areas of the face is simple and effective,” Lujan says.

Lujan suggests shades of coral, peach, pink, red, and brick since they tend to be the most flattering for a range of skin tones, but you can go as wild (or as neutral) as you want with this trend. One word of warning from Lujan: “If you want to experiment with brighter and bolder colors, it might be best to limit those colors to your eye shadow area and then keep everything else natural.”

Bejeweled Eyes

Gemstones have reclaimed their spot as trendy facial accessories, and according to Lujan, it's about time. “Gemstones make recurring appearances in fashion and makeup every 10 to 15 years," Lujan explains. The last time they were really popular was during the 90s and early 2000s, "Think Gwen Stefani in her earlier No Doubt years," Lujan says.

Whether the gemstone comeback has more to do with the resurgence of Y2K trends or Euphoria, this makeup look has returned in full force—and no, it's not festival-exclusive.

Lightweight Foundation

People are leaving all of their heavy layers—foundation included—behind in winter. Lujan says, “Everyone is stripping off the layers of heavy makeup and wearing sheer radiant formulas.” If you’re after a more fresh-faced look, Lujan recommends “stepping into something light and fresh and letting your natural skin shine through.” Plus, a lightweight foundation can make your blush contour mom even more.

Pops of Periwinkle

It may be time to say bye to your neutral-only color palette. Veri Peri is making a much-needed comeback this spring. “This periwinkle blue has a vivid violet-red undertone to it, which makes it great for all skin tones,” Lujan explains.

Whether you embrace this trend in your eye makeup, lipsticks, or glosses, Lujan recommends keeping it simple, “I would be mindful that a pop of color on one feature is always the best way to make a subtle impact."

Reverse Cat-Eye

Under-eye eyeliner is back and better than ever, but no, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to traumatize your waterline. “We are seeing the ‘reverse wing’ on the runway and on the red carpet," Lujan says. (Hailey Bieber is a fan, by the way.)

Whether you make the lines “smudgy or sharp,” this eyeliner trend is a bold look that can be really flattering. Per Lujan, “It tends to make the eyes appear a bit bigger since the upper lid is light and bright and the angles of the liner tend to lift the outer corners of the eyes.”

High-Shine Gloss

If there was ever a time to pucker up, it’s spring 2022. ”Glossy lips will be big for spring,” Ashley Rebecca says. As mask restrictions lift, luxe lip looks are coming back in a big way. And per Lujan, “high-shine, nourishing formulas” are springtime essentials.

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