15 Cool and Functional Makeup Travel Bags to Hold Your Most Prized Possessions

Updated 05/04/19

True beauty lovers know that wherever you go, your makeup follows. It's a tight-knit relationship. When you go without your favorite products and miss them when you're away, you don't feel complete. Okay, enough with the sob story; the point is that beauty junkies need their go-to products with them in times of need. This is why makeup travel bags are extremely essential. To avoid feeling like you're missing something, keep this thing close at all times. 

We're talking traveling anywhere: to work, drinks, a date, or across the country. If we're being honest, Team Byrdie has lost count of how many makeup travel bags we own. (One can never have enough.) And the thing with makeup bags is that you go through them quickly because products can get a little messy. So there's always room for a backup. You love your makeup products, don't you? Treat them with care in a makeup bag that catches your eye. Click through for our all-time faves that are conveniently clutch when we're on the move.


Wander Beauty Pucker Up Pouch
Wander Beauty Pucker Up Pouch $38

I can attest to how clutch this makeup pouch is. It might look small, but it can literally fit my five essential products: foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, brow pencil, and brow gel. All you need to whip up a nice face beat. It's genuine leather, so it's not going to feel bulky in your bag.

Glossier Pink Pouch 3-Pack $12

Glossier changed the game when it introduced the world to these coveted pink packets that come with its products. Usually, you throw away the packaging your beauty products come in, but you're going to want to hoard these. Something about this bubble-wrap zip bag is just so damn convenient when you're traveling and don't want your makeup pouch to take up a lot of room. I usually use two of these for one trip to fit my makeup and skincare products. Get this: They've also been worn by NYC It girls as fashion accessories.


Zandra - Rose Quartz Cosmetics Bag
Ted Baker Zandra Rose Quartz Cosmetics Bag $45

Your luxurious products deserve an equally chic makeup pouch. This is where Ted Baker London's rose-quartz cosmetic bag comes in. Treat yourself to this cool-girl cosmetics bag when you're feeling fancy. Its material is made to be easily cleaned, and its sturdy base won't tip over and drop all your products when you're in a rush.

Pop & Suki Makeup Case $95

Every makeup lover needs a Pop & Suki makeup case. It's a fan favorite because it's portable enough to fit all of your products whenever you're on the move. Its width even allows you to stack products, giving you double the room. Plus, its waterproof design is to die for, and is that a silk trim we spot? 

On My Ouai Kit
Ouai Haircare On My Ouai Kit $25 $20

Yes, these are obviously haircare products, but hear us out. This transparent bag is just straight-up amazing. It's totally worth having great hair and multipurposing this as a makeup travel bag. You won't even have to dig for long searching for that one lip liner because, boom, you can see clearly now. 

Yoyo Cosmetic Case Set
Furla Yoyo Cosmetic Case Set $178

Why have one makeup case when you can have two? Furla made these top-notch makeup travel bags that are so pretty they look like handbags. This set comes with a medium-size makeup bag and its mini little sister lined with a vanity mirror.

Dazzle Makeup Bag
Skinnydip Dazzle Makeup Bag $24

A flossy makeup bag for the win. We'll never be mad at a cute holographic pouch, mainly because it'll always stand out so you have a higher chance of not misplacing your makeup. It's essentially a win-win situation.

The Bathing Beauty Bag - Makeup Bag
Charlotte Tilbury The 1st Edition Makeup Bag $80

It's adorned with red lipstick kisses, and it was dreamed up by cosmetics queen, Charlotte Tilbury. You need it. 

River Island Floral Print Vanity Case $48

For extended trips, no product can be left behind, which is why you need this two-part vanity case. You can easily organize your products and tote this lightweight case around. 

Tinsel Time Clutch
Sephora Collection Tinsel Time Clutch $14

You'll never misplace your makeup bag if it looks like this. The holiday season is oh so close, so get in the festive spirit early with this metallic-designed case. Also, it's the perfect accessory, and who doesn't love a cosmetic case that doubles as a clutch?

Kate Spade Burgess Court Small Briley Cosmetics Bag $48

Kate Spade always wins the accessory game with its timeless classics. Why not treat yourself to a quality cosmetics bag from this luxury line? You (and your makeup) deserve it. 

Yoki Bags Marbleized Cosmetics Bag
Yoki Bags Marbleized Cosmetics Bag $25

It's always a bummer when you have to leave stuff out because your makeup bag is too small. Because of this roomy makeup case, no beauty product will ever be left behind. 

Mz Wallace Zip Round Cosmetic Case
MZ Wallace Zip Round Cosmetic Case $75

Okay, first off, how cute and mod is this makeup bag? The stretchy nylon material allows you to squeeze this in tiny spaces and fit as much in as you can. 

Limited Edition Watermelon Jelly Tote Set
Glow Recipe Limited Edition Watermelon Jelly Tote Set $40

Nearly every beauty editor is in love with this fashionable mailing from the Glow Recipe team. This see-through, baby-pink purse can double (or should I say triple?) as a makeup bag, everyday bag, or going-out bag. Thumbs up for its versatility. 

Stoney Clover Lane Patent Mini Makeup Pouch
Stoney Clover Lane Patent Mini Makeup Pouch $36

Patent leather and pastel pink just go together. Since this can't fit a bunch of stuff, this mini makeup bag is for your star products that always come in handy. 

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