Makeup Artist Tricks: How to Fake Perfect Skin Without Primer

We're always fascinated by the contents of a makeup artist's kit. There are plenty of staples we expect to see—Armani Luminous Silk, Diorshow, Clé de Peau Concealer—and usually a few fun surprises (this olive oil spray delivers the perfect dewy glow—thank you, Kayleen McAdams). But even more so than the eye gloss and the fancy brushes, what we're consistently amazed by isn't the makeup at all—it's the skincare. If a woman sits down in the chair and her skin is acting all kinds of crazy, these 10 makeup artists have exactly the right skincare cocktail to turn any freakout into flawlessness. And today they're opening up there bag of tricks and spilling their pre-makeup secrets for perfect skin. Scroll through to find out what the pros use to make their makeup look even better!