Giving Up This One Makeup Product Is the Best Decision I've Made in a While


Milk Makeup

It's no secret: I dig makeup. I enjoy it in all forms—weird experimental makeup involving tattoo stamps and black lipstick, no-makeup makeup featuring dewy skin and long lashes. I like the meditative process of applying makeup in the morning and the adrenaline-boosting process of opening a new product. If I let myself, I could spend two hours every day playing with the stuff. I guess I'm in the right line of work?

Here's the problem, though: Because I'm such a makeup junkie, sometimes I fail to remember (and not to get all cheesy on you) that the whole point of makeup is to wear it, not have it wear you. Historically, I've been known to let my enthusiasm take over, leading to such makeup mishaps as distractingly heavy brows and quantities of glitter that should be illegal for adults. Recently, however, I decided that I'm ready to leave my worst makeup mistakes behind me.

Speaking of mistakes and adulthood, at 25, I'm finally at a place where I want my everyday makeup to look sophisticated and grown-up. I no longer care for my routine to feel like a high school science experiment—I want it to feel streamlined and effortless. After all, as fun as it is to play with makeup, it can also be stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming.

These thoughts were validated earlier this year when I had two professional makeup artists evaluate my routine and tell me which products I could stand to lose. (Glittery highlighter and powder bronzer were among them.) Since then, I've taken their professional advice and made a few additional tweaks of my own. These slight shifts in my daily makeup routine have brought me so much unexpected tranquility that I had to share them with you. Keep scrolling to learn how replacing five makeup products made me a truly happier person.