The Gross Thing That Could Happen to Your Makeup Sponge

If you didn't already know, the most effective way to use a Beautyblender is to wet it first so that it's damp. This allows for a more seamless application and also means that because it's holding water, it won't fully absorb your makeup and waste product (genius, right?). The thing is, using a damp sponge every day means that it's sitting in its wet state all day long until you use it next. As you can imagine, if a damp Beautyblender (or any makeup sponge) is stored incorrectly, it could lead to some pretty yucky things like—gulp—mold.

According to Beautyblender's creator, Rea Ann Silva, storing your sponge in an enclosed case (like a ziplock bag) could lead to some serious issues: "When you remove oxygen and light from anything that is moist, you have the opportunity for mold and bacteria to start forming." In that case, if you're traveling with your sponge, be sure to use a breathable method of transport, like a mesh sack. Also, when you're storing your sponge during the day (after cleaning it, of course—Beautyblenders should be cleaned after each use), make sure to place it in an open drying area that isn't dark and enclosed. In fact, to make it easier, Silva suggests keeping the plastic container that the Beautyblender is sold in to use as your drying station (minus the lid, of course). 

To keep your Beautyblender especially clean, try using the Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid ($16). 

What's your secret to keeping your sponges squeaky clean? Tell us below!