What Your Morning Makeup Routine Says About Your Confidence



Uncovering the daily beauty routines of celebrities, models, and fellow beauty lovers all over the world is a bit of an obsession here at Byrdie. We're fascinated by how French girls do their makeup for a night out or how celebrities get ready in the morning when they don't have an entourage of stylists to help them. But according to a new Ipsos survey commissioned by Yahoo Health, your morning makeup routine says more about you than you might think.

This 2016 study aimed to discover the relationship between time spent getting ready in the morning and level of self-esteem. On the surface, this might seem unrelated, but the results prove otherwise. Here's how it worked: The researchers surveyed 1,993 women and men ages 13 to 64. They timed how long the subjects spent in the morning on their makeup and hair, then cross-referenced those numbers with their answers to a survey about body positivity. What they found was a surprisingly consistent inverse correlation between time spent primping and level of self-esteem.

To find out exactly how long it takes the most confident women to get ready in the morning, keep scrolling.

Women who identify as body positive spend an average of 18.7 minutes on their makeup and hair.

Men are not exempt from these correlations. In fact, "among men, the correlation is even stronger," Yahoo reported. Body-positive men clocked in at 15 minutes getting ready in the morning, body-neutral at 15.7, body-ambivalent at 20.8, and body-negative at 23.3 minutes. "Unlike women, body positivity among men perfectly descends as morning grooming time ascends, and grooming time is distinctly different between low-confidence and high-confidence men," Yahoo said. "The time span jumps by over five minutes between body-neutral and body-ambivalent men."

Of course, these numbers simply reflect correlations, not cause and effect. Even if you spend an hour on your hair and makeup each morning, it doesn't necessarily mean you have lower confidence—there are many exceptions to these findings.

Either way, a confidence boost never hurts. Next up, nine celebrities share their best tips for how to feel confident.