I Ditched My Fancy Cleanser for Makeup Wipes, and This Is What Happened

I've often heard the phrase, "Live life with no regrets." For the past quarter-century, I can happily say that I've followed this notion, save for maybe a brief run-in with a box of ultra-blond hair color that I let my freshman-year roommate use on me. But for the most part, no major regrets here. That is, until I offered myself up as a guinea pig for a story and said I'd wash my face using only makeup wipes for two weeks. I realize I'm being hyperbolic, but truly, if I could go back in time and unpitch the story, I might consider it. Keep scrolling to find out why.

Lots of people use makeup wipes to cleanse their skin at the end of the day—this I know. My friends use them, friends of friends use them, my family uses them, and Olivia Holt told us she swears by them. However, I've never had a particularly great experience with them. In fact, I've found my skin to look worse the few times I've decided to wipe instead of wash. One time I asked my friend who had just offered me a makeup wipe, Is it supposed to feel like my skin is burning off of my face?

I definitely have sensitive skin, but no matter what variation I've used—organic, chemical-free, etc.,—I've always felt that my skin looked tired and/or broken out afterward. Not to mention that I'm in a committed and loving relationship with Eve Lom Cleanser ($50) and can't imagine being unfaithful to it. Despite these feelings, I still wanted to give them a chance and see if perhaps maybe I'd just had a few negative experiences—and so the two-week test began.



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