Makeup Recycling Programs You Should Know

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Being "green" and recycling to save the planet is a big thing right now, and only getting bigger. Most households across the country participate in some sort of recycling program, but sometimes you just don't know if you can recycle certain things such as makeup containers.

Several of the major cosmetic and beauty lines have wonderful recycling programs. The extra bonus is that sometimes you're rewarded with a nice freebie of thanks from the company, all while doing your part to save the planet.

Makeup Recycling Programs

Here are some popular makeup recycling programs you should be aware of.

Origins Recycling Program

In April 2009, Origins kicked-off their Return to Origins Recycling Program. They installed dedicated recycling receptacles in each of their stores so consumers can drop off cosmetic and toiletry bottles, compacts, tubes, caps, and jars. Origins also doesn't discriminate on what brand is being recycled, so they accept all cosmetic brand containers no matter who made it.

As a way of saying "thank you" for recycling and helping the planet, Origins will give consumers a Free sample of their choice of one of Origins high-performance skincare products. During the month of April in 2009, they were offering samples from their A Perfect World Collection, but samples may change and vary by location. In the end, you can feel good on the inside by doing your part to save the planet, and Origins can help you look great on the outside.

MAC Recycling Program

M.A.C. Cosmetics is doing their part to promote recycling through their Back to M.A.C. program. This program is pretty cut and dry where if you return six M.A.C. primary packaging containers to either a M.A.C. counter or online, you will score a free lipstick of your choice. This is their way of thanking you for helping them keep our planet "green."

Kiehl's Recycling Program

Kiehl's always accepts their bottles and containers for recycling, and sometimes they also offer a thank-you freebie as an incentive. In 2006 they had a great program in order to get consumers interested in recycling. At that time, they offered a free product of any size in return for three Kiehl's containers for recycling. That program ended, but they do have various promotions from time to time. For Earth Day 2008 they gave away a Kiehl's canvas tote bag as a way of saying thanks. Check your local Kiehl's location for new recycling promos.

Aveda Recycling Program

Aveda's Recycle Caps with Aveda program helps to eliminate the accumulation of plastic bottle caps in landfills, oceans, rivers, and elsewhere. Most of the time when you think the plastic caps are being recycled they are actually being thrown into landfills or bodies of water, where they are polluting our planet as well as being harmful to birds and wildlife. 

The program collects rigid polypropylene plastic caps that show a "5" on the plastic or in the recycling arrows. These caps can be found on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles, flip top caps on tubes and food product bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise), laundry detergents, and some jar lids such as peanut butter.

Aveda has set up collection sites at their salons and stores, as well as having partnered with various schools and communities across the country. Once the caps are collected, Aveda gives them to a recycler who then turns them into new caps and containers for various items. They kicked off the program at the Spring/Summer 2009 New York Fashion Week.

Currently, they don't offer an incentive for helping collect the caps, but you can contribute and feel great in doing so. Plus, when you drop off the caps feel free to ask if they have a promotional incentive for the program or if they are planning something soon. It's great to get something in return, but the fact that you have done your part to help wildlife and keep the planet clean should be enough.

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