6 Makeup Products You Can Totally Use on Your Hair

Can we get an amen for multitasking? One of our favorite things about observing makeup artists at work—particularly during the backstage chaos of fashion month—is watching them get crafty with different products, using them in ways that never even occured to us. (Exhibit A: lip balm as highlighter. Genius!)

But what about hair? While we usually make it a rule to keep our hair products away from our complexions, can't we do the opposite? We don't have to worry about breakouts on our strands, after all. And it turns out that from covering up gray roots to keeping frizz in check, there are some pretty genius hair hacks that only require your makeup bag.

Keep scrolling to find out six ways to use makeup products for your hair!

Brow Gel = Flyaway Tamer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel $22

Errant strands got you down? It's like that little spoolie brush was made for combing baby hairs and staticky flyaways into submission.

Pictured: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22)

Translucent Powder = Dry Shampoo

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder $34

We don't recommend doing this too often, since it's better to stick to formulas made for hair (in order to avoid unwanted buildup). But in a pinch, translucent powder sops up grease in your roots just as well as it does on your face.

Pictured: Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder ($34)

Balm = Smoothing Cream

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Balm $55

Is there anything balms and salves can't do? (Answer: no.) Done sparingly, a dab of balm is a great way to smooth down pesky frizz.

Pictured: Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Balm ($55)

Eye Shadow = Root Concealer

Nyx Cosmetics Nude Matte Eyeshadow $5

If you've still got a few days until your next touch-up at the salon, try this clever hack: Choose a matte eye shadow color that matches your hair, and brush it over any grays or discoloration. You'd be surprised at how well it works!

Pictured: Nyx Cosmetics Nude Matte Eyeshadow ($5)

Blotting Papers = Bangs Texturizer

Sephora Herbal Rose Blotting Papers $8

They'll do less heavy lifting than powder in the way of absorbing excess grease, but these papers work well for smaller areas… like your fringe. Liven it up with just a few dabs.

Pictured: Sephora Herbal Rose Blotting Papers ($8)

Blush = Hair Tint

Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté in Heart of Light $47

Turn that blond into über-cool rose gold with just a few brushes of blush. Note that it could take a few washes with clarifying shampoo to get the tint completely out, but it's a great way to try the trend without the long-term commitment.

Pictured: Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupté in Heart of Light ($47)

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