How to Make Your Beauty Stash Look Like Martha Stewart Organized It


The File

All makeup organization efforts start off with the best of intentions—every pot and compact in its place. But somehow you end up with eye shadows stacked on top of concealers, lip gloss rolling around with eyeliners, and more than a few misplaced pencils. And it’s not because having an organized makeup collection is some kind of impossible feat (though it can feel that way at times). No, more than likely, you just need some makeup organization ideas to keep your cosmetics tidy.

If your lipsticks are buried at the bottom of your makeup bag, and you’ve got three makeup bags cluttering your countertop, it’s time for an upgrade. To figure out how best to organize your makeup, we reached out to makeup artists for the practices they use to keep track of their cosmetics. For brilliant makeup organizing tips to tidy up your countertop, keep on reading.