The Drugstore Makeup Palette That's Totally Customizable

Have you heard of Makeup Obsession? I hadn’t until I stumbled across the brand in my local Boots. I almost dropped my box of tampons and toothpaste when I saw they were selling eye shadows for £2 a pop. (I love a bargain. But as we know, when it comes to eye shadow, you need good pigment payoff to create anything jazzier than a daytime wash of taupe.

Before we get onto the matter of pigment and whether these deliver, it’s worth letting you in on the brand’s concept: Makeup Obsession sells individual eye shadow, brow powder, lip colour, contour, highlighter and blush that come in their own flip-top case, so far so normal. But you can pop the round tin out and press it into a bigger palette shell. The brand sells empty palettes that house 12 or six singles so you can curate your own makeup palette.

makeup obsession palette review
Makeup Obsession

I snapped up the Medium Palette in Luxe Gold Obsession (£6) and started to fill it with eye shadows and highlighters. I’m a sucker for a rust smoky eye, so I decided to create a warm-toned eye wardrobe. The following shades made the cut: Burnt (£2), a matte terra-cotta; Rare (£2), a shimmering plum; Copper (£2), a matte brown, Scene £2), a rose gold shimmer, Contour Powder in C102 Light (£3), that could double as a daytime shadow and Pearl (£3), a powder highlighter. In total I spent £20.

What struck me about the products, when I was testing the powders and creams on the back of my hand in the store, is that the colour payoff rivals that of the many more expensive palettes out there. They feel silky smooth and are easy to blend onto the face with fingers or a brush.

Now look, the palette doesn’t feel quite as decadent as some but being customisable and, let’s call a spade a spade, cheap is a definite bonus. With Christmas getting ever close, you can treat yourself, while still leaving funds for all that gift shopping. And if you want to test out a colour or trend to see if it suits you, then the individuals, which come in an array of nude and rainbow shades in various textures, are a seriously affordable way to do it. Obsessed? I sure am.

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