These 14 Makeup Looks Were Created to Make Green Eyes Pop

Bold, beautiful eyes right this way.

Jenna Dewan


There are no rules when it comes to makeup. Anyone can (and should) wear whatever they like. With that being said, there are a few guidelines—let's call them best practices—for ensuring a satisfactory result. This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. Ask any makeup artist and they'll tell you that, depending on the color of your irises, there are some shades of makeup that will accentuate your eyes better than others. This, of course, rings true for green eyes just like it does for blue, brown, and hazel.

So what is that specific and magical color that when placed next to green eyes makes them pop? Well, after searching Instagram far and wide, we know there's more than just one. Ahead, watch celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter's makeup tutorial for green eyes, plus our favorite ways to pair pink, copper, and purple eye makeup with green eyes.

Pink Eye Makeup

Makeup artist Patrick Ta chose pink eye makeup to highlight Olivia Munn's gorgeous green eyes. We like the monochromatic effect that resulted from matching her shadow with her blush and lipstick. The shadow he credits is "Huda Beauty's Pink Palette." There are a couple pink palettes from the brand, but we're assuming it's the New Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($65), which has lots of petal pink shades. 

As makeup artist Ashley Rebecca once told me, "pink really brightens green eyes and can sometimes bring out hidden tones of gold which are so beautiful." The evidence is too clear to ignore. The pinky brown tone of this eyeshadow is the perfect juxtaposition to the bright green of the model's eyes—especially when the shadow is taken right up to the brow bone. If you want to play with color without resorting to bold brights, take heed from this look and use a subdued taupe-brown type of pink. 

Or, do as makeup artist @tobimakeup does and use a true petal pink shadow like the one she applied on actress Kat Mcnamara. The specific product in question is Charlotte Tilbury's Rose Gold Cream Shadow ($32). This specific shade is currently out of stock on the brand's website, although it's set to make a comeback this spring. In the meantime, try Glossier's LidStar in Cub ($30), which has a similar color and shimmer. 

The fourth and final example of how pink eye makeup can accentuate green eyes comes from (yet again) Patrick Ta. Here, Jenna Dewan's emerald-colored eyes are highlighted with a bold pink shadow that's concentrated in the inner corner of her eyes. Try using a shadow like the one that comes in Maybelline's Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette ($10). 

Copper Eye Makeup

Coppery bronze shades are an easy pick for accentuating green eyes, since they pick up flecks of gold in the irises and warm tones in the skin. Here, Emma Roberts' green eyes are emboldened with a shimmery copper color, courtesy of makeup artist Nikki DeRoest. 

Makeup artist Claudia Neacsu proves that any orangey-brown shade will do when highlighting the beauty of green eyes, no matter if it's shimmery or matte (like it is in the case). This flat copper color looks soft and sun-kissed, like the dirt roads that criss-cross the Italian countryside. 

Emma Stone's makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, shared this post to her Instagram, which shows Stone's jade green eyes emblazoned against a unique silver-copper combo. Notice how most of the coppery gold color is concentrated on her eyelids, while the silver sheen is brought along the inner corners, almost as a highlight.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is a master at combining color in a chic and editorial way (in fact, she's kind of a pioneer of the pink eyeshadow and red lipstick combo that's so popular on Instagram right now). We're also crushing on this coppery eye look, which makes her eyes gleam beautifully. By the way, the palette she used was Lime Crime's Venus XL II Palette ($58), which is full of shimmery neutrals.

Robin Black, makeup artist and photographer behind the always-chic Instagram account and website, Beauty Is Boring, shows us how copper eyeshadow picks up green tones in the iris and draws them out for all to admire. 

Purple Eye Makeup

Patrick Ta is the makeup artist to thank for this electric lavender hue on actress Olivia Munn. It just goes to show the truth in what makeup artist Kristine Cruz from Antonio Prieto Salon told me once, "Purple hues bring out the yellow in golden green eyes and the same for bringing out the flecks of green in hazel eyes." 

For this stunning royal purple look, @nikki_makeup used BECCA's Volcano Goddess Palette ($46), which houses 12 pressed powders ranging from shimmery copper and gold to rosy pink and this strong shade of indigo purple. It's a must-have palette.

Take it a step further and do a full monochrome eye in a striking shade of grape purple, like @tobimakeup did for model Nicole Harrison. It's a bold, eye-catching look—that's for sure. Plus, we like how it's almost the perfect combination of pink and purple...the perfect shade of magenta. 

Katie Jane Hughes sums up this look in the caption by writing, "Jessica Rabbit, but make it glossy." We love it. The juxtaposition of the glossy lilac shadow and bright red lipstick accentuates her eyes in a unique and colorful way. 

We have one more purple eye makeup look, simply because it's too good not to share. It comes courtesy of Robin Black and Beauty Is Boring. To achieve this purple perfection, Black used Tom Ford's Shadow Extreme in Dusty Rose ($36) layered over Deep Purple ($36). 

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