16 Makeup Looks to Try If You Have Brown Eyes

Makeup is all about accentuating and flattering your unique features, which is why we like to take eye color into account before testing out a new look or investing in a new palette. While blue eyes pair well with brown and gold shades and green eyes pair well with plum shades, brown eyes suit almost every shade under the sun. That's why we say brown eyes are like the little black dress of makeup: They're pretty, versatile, and pair well with anything.

Knowing that brown eyes look great against almost any color doesn't make it any easier to put together a go-to look, though. In fact, it makes it a little harder. It's like those rare college classes where the professor says you can write your final project on any topic. Not having a prompt to work with can feel overwhelming and direction-less, so you stare at your computer willing inspiration to come. We weren't there to help you with your college papers (apologies), but we're here to help you now by curating a collection of our favorite makeup looks for emphasizing the beauty of brown eyes. Seriously, these 16 looks are sure to strike you with all the imagination, direction, and brown-eyed appreciation you need.