Makeup Lines Available At Neiman Marcus

Updated 03/21/19
Product Disclosure

With so many lines and products available in the beauty industry, sometimes it's hard to know how to begin or where to start. Neiman Marcus is a fabulous retailer that is known for luxury merchandise and a positive customer experience. 

The best way to approach shopping in a department store for makeup is knowing ahead of time what you are looking for or want to try. This way, you can have more of an idea of what you need versus what you might consider splurging on. Shopping at a makeup counter doesn't need to be intimidating, it can be a positive experience in which you learn so much about product and makeup techniques.

If there are certain products you want to test out before purchasing, you can always let the sales associate know ahead of time. For instance, if you need mascara but want to sample foundation, simply tell the associate, "I know I need to purchase mascara but would love to test some of the foundation." This way you're able to let them know right away what you plan on doing. If you want to learn more about makeup techniques or need a thorough presentation because you plan on replacing a lot of product at once, you can always make an appointment to have your makeup done, that way you can try products and test out skincare.

If you don't have time to shop in store or you want to make sure they have a particular brand or product before you go, simply take a look at the list of all cosmetic, fragrance, men's grooming, and hair care lines compiled here. Click on the brand you're interested in and it will take you directly to their product page so you can see what they have!

 The following makeup lines are available at most Neiman Marcus locations as well as on the Neiman Marcus website.


With such an amazing offering of cosmetic lines, there's something for everyone. It's always nice to treat yourself to a little luxury now and again. Also, be sure to check when beauty events are happening in store, so you can load up on gifts with purchase and choose from an offering of some really great freebies. Happy shopping! 

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