Makeup for Traveling: What You Should Bring and 7 Packing Tips

Preparing your makeup for traveling is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. After all, with TSA regulations and baggage handlers who don't care that you have a fragile, limited-edition makeup palette in your suitcase, it's a rather harrowing experience for your beauty products. Okay, so we're being slightly hyperbolic. Packing a travel makeup bag isn't exactly a quest on par with throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, but it can be tricky. Should you pack that eye shadow you've never worn before but could suddenly be struck with a need for? What's the best way to travel with liquid foundation?

To answer these questions (and more), we turned to the experts: Mary Irwin, celebrity makeup artist, and Gabriel De Santino, makeup artist and founder of Gabriel Cosmetics. They shared with us their best tips for packing your makeup for traveling. Check them out below.

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Opening Image: Lurii Melenstov/Unsplash