All the Makeup Products I Want to Wear This Summer Are Under $42

True story: Last week at a dance cardio class with Amanda Kloots, I sweated off my eyebrows and my mascara. I was The Joker in athleisure. I ran up to the mirror and quickly rubbed off streaks of Universal Taupe and Blackest Black before someone could report me for trying to take over Gotham City and walked out of the building a bit more villain-esque than I'd entered it. But what I'd realized was that for whatever reason, I'd used products that weren't my usual staples that morning, so it made sense they hadn't held up in the heat of the class.

Generally speaking, I've mastered the art of sweatproof makeup. You see, I'm quite the oily-skinned girl, so over the years, I've found the perfect products that won't budge when the 3 p.m. grease hits. They're a bit heavier, though, so when summer rolls around, I want to transition into products that are lighter weight and lower-maintenance but still completely budgeproof. So I've crafted the ideal capsule collection I'll be wearing basically all season long. Some products are new, some have been around for a while, but they're all perfect for a bronzed, beachy look that won't send Batman after you.