Watch: How to Make Your Brown Eyes Pop With Makeup

Brown eyed ladies are pretty lucky, not only do they have a song written about them, but they also can get away with wearing just about any eye shadow color. While most shades suit chocolate-colored irises, makeup artist Afton Williams tells us the perfect makeup for brown eyes. Williams says, “Someone with brown eyes can really benefit from metallic tones like copper, bronze, gold, and rust.” Since brown eyes often have specks of auburn, gold, and or green in the iris, “The fine particle metals pick up on the variations of brown in the iris to really make the eyes pop,” Williams says.

Want to learn how to create the optimum brown eye makeup look? We’ve provided step-by-step instructions from shadow application to blending as well as the best way to line your eyes. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to get the look, and keep reading for her expert tips.