3 Makeup Drawer Organizers Every Beauty Hoarder Needs

One of the problems we face as beauty die-hards is finding a way to organize all our makeup. We live by the thought that if we don’t see a product, we’ll forget we even own it. And because we refuse to ever let a product go to waste, we cannot and will not let any product go unseen.

There are lots of ways to organize your makeup—on top of a vanity, on the walls, and even on book shelves. Arguably, the trickiest area to keep clean and tidy would be inside drawers; they’re kept closed most of the time and it can be easy to just throw things in them. But no more of just using drawers as a product wasteland—it’s time to get organized. Read below to see our tips on how we like to store our products.


Trays act as great drawer dividers. They keep things separate while also holding all your products in one place. You can pretend it’s a fun game of Tetris and buy different sizes and fit them to how you want your drawer to look. We like to assign each tray a category of products (one tray for lipsticks, another tray for eye shadows, etc.) based on the size and number we have of a particular product.

Clear Pouches

Glam Boxes

Pouches make it so that you can take out everything you need and put things back in an orderly fashion. Go for clear pouches so you can see what you’re grabbing. We like to either categorize pouches by products or by routine (daytime, going-out, beach, etc.).

DIY Dividers

I Heart Organizing

For our crafty beauty friends, you can make your own drawer dividers. Whether that’s collecting an assortment of old boxes you can decorate to act as trays or building them in with pieces of wood, this serves as a great home project for a personalized vanity. You can find cool DIY ideas here

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