Beauty Fanatics: These 8 Websites Offer Amazing Makeup Deals All Year Long

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I’ll admit it: I have a thing for buying new makeup. Dilly-dallying through the aisles of Sephora and basking in the glow of the brand-new, shiny products is a serious guilty pleasure of mine. What can I say? I love the stuff. Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to spend all my precious pennies on my favorite extravagant brands (sigh). Luckily for me (and my fellow makeup fanatics), discount makeup exists, and it's giving my wallet a much-needed break.

Where can I find these makeup deals, you ask? Fortunately for you, we’ve done some digging and found the makeup discount websites where you can score fantastic makeup deals, plus, tips from an industry expert. These websites will offer you dupes and discounts on all your favorite beauty products. The best part? You can shop from the comfort of your own home and rack up less spending guilt. It's an all-around win.

Meet the Expert

Renée Loiz is a celebrity makeup artist and founder of Color May Vary, a black-owned beauty guide.

Below, check out the best discount makeup sites to score some seriously great beauty bargains.

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cover fx foundation
Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation $16.00

Glambot is great for makeup hoarders (like myself) who want to buy or sell gently used products. It’s perfect for those who want to try new trends or products, but aren’t willing to spend the full price for high-end makeup (take this Cover FX's Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation, $16, for example). If you want to sell your assortment of goodies, the site will send you a free shipping label and then review your products. If the site approves, it will offer you cash or store credit.

Even though the site analyzes each product before placing it online, it is important to thoroughly check the product images and information prior to purchasing it.

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Makeup Mania

la femme blush on rouge
La Femme Blush on Rouge $9.00

According to the website, “MakeUpMania is the love child of the film industry and eCommerce.” The founder, movie makeup artist Eva Marie Denst, noticed the brands she loved to use on film sets were nearly impossible to find outside of LA and NYC. That’s when she decided to launch a website with all the products she adored and used for extremely cheap prices. There are no makeup discounts on this website, but the products themselves are reasonably priced and great quality. Need a new blush? Try La Femme Cosmetics' Blush on Rouge ($8).

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Beauty Encounter

loreal mascara
L'Oreal Volume Millions Lashes Mascara Noir Black $7.00

This site seriously has it all—from your favorite trusty drugstore tools to the lusted-after, high-end makeup brands. Not to mention, the discounts are definitely noteworthy. You've probably stumbled upon it in your Google search for your favorite beauty buys (like L’Oréal's Volume Millions Lashes Mascara Noir Black, $7). Plus, when you join their mailing list, you get 10 percent off your first order—AKA the perfect excuse to add a few more of your must-try products to your shopping cart. It's all about balance, right?

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terre mere brush set
Terre Mere 5-Piece Essential Brush Set $23.00

Gilt is the place to go for impressive brands at a discounted price. While it requires a quick sign-up, making an account isn't a hassle, especially if you're looking for discounted brands that won't leave you with the post-shopping blues. This site has it all—from fancy face masks to 11 piece brush sets, you don't have to worry about shilling out the cash. Like the bamboo brush set above, (I mean, where else are you going to find a professional $100 Terre Mere brush set for $23?!) the site is packed with great deals. Excuse us while we go buy everything.

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Rue La La

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup $24.00

This site has ever-changing, fantastic deals on a wide variety of makeup products. All you have to do is enter your email, and voilà: You have access to some incredible discounts (we recommend grabbing Clinique's Superbalanced Makeup, $24). And when you sign up, you get 30 days of free shipping, so if you forget to add something to your cart—or simply find another product you need to try—you can place as many orders as you'd like for the first month.

"While the collection from the brand might be off-season, you can really use the makeup year-round and in every season. In the end, it’s worth getting that lipstick from Tom Ford if it will save you some money," says Loiz.

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Buy Me Beauty

lip pencil
Lord & Berry Couture Lipstick Pencil Couture Lipstick Pencil $7.00

We've all been there: After falling in love with a makeup product that you can't live without, you head to the store to get a replacement—only to realize it's been discontinued. BuymeBeauty is your one-stop shop for discontinued, hard-to-find makeup, as well as your everyday favorites. It also has an incredible selection of products, with a flat rate of $5 for shipping. Go ahead and bookmark this page (and pick up Lord & Berry's Lipstick Pencil ($7) in New York while you're at it).

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urban decay green eyeshadow
Urban Decay Moondust $12.00

Similar to Rue La La, this site has sales on specific brands for a few days at a time. Every day, Hautelook pulls together new beauty products (and more), featuring brands you already love (like this Urban Decay eyeshadow in Moondust, $12) priced up to 75 percent off. You may recognize this site for its affiliation with Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom. They even have a Refer a Friend program where you can get $20 credit for each friend who creates an account and makes their first purchase with your email as a reference.

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Saks OFF 5th

Tom Ford lipstick collection
Tom Ford Boys & Girls 50-Piece Lip Color Set $420.00

"I love Saks Off 5th for high-end beauty discounts—Tom Ford, Shiseido, and Bobbi Brown are a few of my fave brands you can find here for the low," says Loiz. "Plenty of designer brands perfect for gifting!"

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