Makeup By Mario Finally Dropped a Foundation—And We Tried It

Meet SurrealSkin.

Woman wearing Makeup By Mario Foundation

Star Donaldson/Makeup By Mario

When Mario Dedivanovic launched his namesake brand, Makeup by Mario, in 2020, fans were shocked when the tightly-edited collection didn't include a complexion product. Dedivanovic is a master at his craft, but as a makeup artist (you may know him as Kim Kardashian's go-to), he's made flawless, dreamy skin and snatched contouring his signatures. He later explained that he launched his line in the order he actually applies products, starting with the eyes. He's since debuted slam-dunk products, including his TikTok-loved lipliners and gloss balms, but we've all been wondering when he would finally launch the foundation.

As of this month, the wait is over, and the Makeup By Mario Surreal Skin Foundation ($42) is here—and has already gone TikTok viral. The name alone had me dying to try it, and the Byrdie team was able to get our hands on a few bottles to put to the test. Ahead, everything you need to know about the new drop and our honest reviews.

The Formula

As the name suggests, the SurrealSkin foundation has a natural, luminous finish that can be customized and built up however you choose. It's non-comedogenic, and the brand describes it as "breathable and weightless." The foundation has something called MoistureGrip technology to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours with a blend of vegan squalene and grapeseed oil. It is specially formulated not to oxidize or change color—no matter what other products you use with it.

"SurrealSkin Foundation is my complexion masterpiece," says Dedivanovic. "I put my heart into this groundbreaking formula with the hope of not creating a barrier of foundation, but rather awakening the true, infinite beauty that lies within." The foundation is available in 30 shades and is cruelty-free.

Our Reviews

Star Donaldson, senior social media editor

Star wears Makeup By Mario Foundation

Star Donaldson

"This foundation is literally all over TikTok, so I was eager to test it out to see if it was worth the hype. The first thing I noticed about this formula is that it was very creamy and glowy. It's formulated with grapeseed oil and vegetal squalene, which gives it moisturizing benefits and also makes it a little thinner. I prefer a full coverage foundation that I can sheer out if needed, and this one is definitely more of a medium coverage.

With a little help from my concealer, I was easily able to achieve my desired base. I noticed right away that my skin was super glowy and looked hydrated after application, and this actually lasted all day without any touchups—I typically find staying power to be rare with medium coverage formulas. Overall I think it's worth the hype, and I will wear this again, but even with my dry, winter, combination skin, I wouldn't go without a mattifying powder to blot my T-Zone."

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Bella wears Makeup by Mario foundation

Bella Caccaitore

"I'm a tough customer when it comes to foundation since my skin is both dry and acne-prone, so I need something that will cover up breakouts without making me look like a flaky pastry. I had high hopes for this foundation, and I wasn't disappointed. It has a very pretty luminous finish that's a little more glowy than natural—which is fine with me, I'd rather take glow away than add it—but it isn't greasy or heavy. It felt really nice going on my skin and blended in seamlessly and quickly. One layer provided a nice base, and I added another over any problem areas with no weird bunching or caking. I found it played well with both powder and cream products. The cherubic glow actually stayed all day, with no crumbling or patchiness."

Eden Stuart, associate editor

Eden wears Makeup By Mario Foundation

Eden Stuart

"Right off the bat, one thing I liked about this foundation was the option of selecting an olive undertone in the tan-deep range—base products with olive undertones are tricky to find, doubly so when you go any darker than medium. (I went with 14O, and it was a solid match.) I'd consider the coverage on the fuller side of medium, and though the claim is a natural finish, I would say it's decidedly radiant. It does a great job of smoothing out the skin and blurring blemishes. I did personally find it to feel a touch heavy on my skin, but I'll definitely be using it for situations in which I know I'll be photographed—it really does look exceptional in photos!"

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