This Landmark Gay Rights Case Could Turn on Whether Hair and Makeup Is an Art

Here's a philosophical question for you: What is art? Is it any and all forms of creative expression, or is it regulated to specific categories like painting, drawing, sculpture, literature, and dance? Who gets to decide—the viewers of the art or the makers of the art? How would we even go about finding a consensus? Not to go all university philosophy professor on you, but it's a deceptively complex question that clearly only leads to more questions. Since it has real-world effects, it's worth pondering. 

The Supreme Court justices think so because currently there's a landmark gay rights case taking place, and it might hinge on that very question—specifically in regards to hair and makeup. Are hair and makeup styling considered to be art? Or is it something else altogether? In the words of Justice Elena Kagan, "How do you draw a line?" Keep reading to learn more about this landmark gay rights case and how this question beauty became involved.