11 Things Makeup Artists Want You to Stop Doing



We learn a lot of lessons about makeup over the course of our lives, whether it’s through friends, our moms, family members, or even our colleagues. But while we appreciate the feedback and advice from our loved ones, hearing a pro tip straight from a seasoned makeup artist tends to resonate the strongest (sorry, Ma). And even though we love hearing about all the tips that can help improve our routines, it’s always incredibly helpful (and a little jarring) to learn about the things we need to stop doing. As such, we turned to some of the best in the biz to find out what habits we need to nix. Find out what they had to say below!

“I’d love to see people who do the super-sculpted, heavily applied brow give it a rest. Every time I see it, I think they just look angry. Perhaps try a softer, more natural approach to your brows. Nobody’s brows need to be blocked off at the beginning.” — Romy Soleimani, Beauty.com’s beauty director at large

“Don’t do your makeup in bad lighting!” — Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist

“I would love for the contouring, strobing, and correcting trend to stop for everyday makeup! Let your skin breathe, and if you’re spending that much time correcting, a trip to the dermatologist may be in order.” — Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist

What’s the best beauty lesson you were ever taught? Tell us below!

Opening image: Imaxtree/Shameless Fripperies