7 Drugstore Lipsticks Celebrity Makeup Artists Secretly Use

We'll preach it 24/7 if we have to, but we strongly believe it doesn't have to cost you a fortune to curate a good makeup routine. For every luxury item, there's a cheaper substitute. "How many lipsticks do you have floating around in your handbag? Lipstick is an accessory through and through. It's fun to switch up shades and finishes day by day," says celebrity makeup artist Katelin Gan. "You can easily find super-luxurious-feeling lipsticks without the high ticket price."

"Makeup should be fun and playful. People are more open to trying new shades and formulas in the drugstore because they can afford to," says celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon. So if you want to test out a new trend without shelling out the big bucks, there's definitely a way for you to do it. See below to see the drugstore lipsticks celebrity makeup artists love to use.